April 2008

I just got back recently from the pre-departure meeting of Sweden and Denmark students.  I finally got to meet up with the other two who are going with me on my program, and they both seem really nice.  I also met with Erik who is an exchange student here; from Sweden.  He was also super nice and, obviously, full of a lot of information.  Just being there with all of them and all of us asking questions; it makes me want to be in Sweden faster.

April also brought food in of the Denmark variety; but I didn’t try any…though I missed dinner now so I kind of wish I did.  Haha~  So I’ve been in Krannert from 5:30 until about 7:45ish.  It was actually a lot of fun, at least for me. Erik was really nice with saying he’d help us out and wouldn’t mind showing us around and stuff once we get there.  I think that’s extremely nice of him, and I’m probably going to take him up on that offer as well.

Afterwards I waited for the bus and it started to rain.  I talked with a guy from South Africa who I guess came over here in 2003 for his Master’s and is now doing his Phd.  He was also really nice to talk to.  It’s been a pretty good day and I like that I’ve met quite a few new people just from this little meeting. 🙂

PS: It started down pouring once I got back to the dorm, if the bus were any later I would have drowned! Haha~


I got my letter for the travel grant today. I wasn’t selected for the $1500 dollar prize, but I still got the $750 dollar one! I’m still not sure if a session is for the program stay or just a semester, we’ll see. Regardless, I’m pretty excited about it. With however much money you won, you have to do some sort of service project. I think it’s a great thing, and I really want to do more than the 2 I have to do. So, I probably will be. 🙂

Here is a list of the projects to choose from:

  • Assist at a Study Abroad fair for a minimum of one hour
  • Assist at a pre-departure meeting for outbound students (I’d like to do this next year)
  • Organize and conduct an info session on Study Abroad for a student organization
  • Write a testimonial about your experiences to help future students prepare for your program (I think I’m already doing that now!)
  • Become an active member of the PASSPORT organization (I’d like to do this)
  • Become an active member of the Study Abroad Ambassadors organization (I’d also like to do this)
  • Project Specified by Study Abroad Advisor

If you get an award of less than $500 you only need to hang 10 fliers around campus as part of a marketing campaign.

If you get $500 you have to complete 1 of the tasks above, $501-$1000 need to complete 2, $1001 – $1499 complete 3, and awards of $1500 need to complete 4.

Sounds like fun to me. 🙂 I’m still waiting to get my acceptance letter from Uppsala though and also hear back from another scholarship place I applied to.

First things first, April sent us the new Uppsala handbook.  It’s actually much easier to read than the outdated version I had, probably because this one literally applies to me.  I’ll probably look into this new one more in depth once I get my acceptance and housing information.  I applied for Flogsta, and I really hope I get in there.  If I do, the housing contract starts on August 16th instead of August 1st, like the other manual said.  That means I probably won’t be showing up at the very start of August to get settled in like I was thinking about.  In a way it’s nice, because that’s one less thing I have to be concerned with.

Second, I definitely  won Purdue’s travel grant!  When I finished reading April’s e-mail I went back to my inbox and saw that I had won!  Out of the study abroad kids, I believe only a few are selected to win the grant.  I’ve never won anything in my life, except maybe 2 dollars on a lottery ticket or a stuffed animal in the crane game.  Finally, something of substantial importance!  I’m not sure how much I’ve won, but they should be sending me a letter with more information on it.  According to the study abroad site the award is up to $1,500 per session.  I’m not sure if a session is a semester or however long the program is.  But, I’ll find out soon enough!  The deal is that I have to do some sort of service project for Purdue Study Abroad; I actually think it sounds fun, so I’m looking forward to doing it, whatever ‘it’ may be. 🙂