June 2008

I just got my residence permit back today. I was really shocked at how fast the Consulate General of Sweden in New York returned it! I want to say I sent the things out about a week or so ago, and it’s already back to me! The picture they used is of the ones I sent them, so I have a new picture in my passport too; which I must say looks a LOT better than my actual passport picture. Haha~ I’m just amused at all the pretty colors on the big visa sticker thing.  If only I were a little taller, my neck is abruptly cut off haha~  I’m super excited now!

I guess this means I’m all set to go!! Watch out Sweden, I’ll be seeing you on the 19th of August!


I got my housing information today!  It looks like I’ll be in Flogsta building 6.  My room number is in the 100s so if it’s like Purdue I’ll be on the first floor. Yay, no stairs! (that’s a first!!)

I was pretty excited when I got the email, I kind of didn’t want to open it. Haha~  But, I got in where I wanted, so hopefully it’s a good choice and hopefully people on my floor will be awesooome~!

I got my tickets today from a company called Vayama. Well, kind of.  They’re e-tickets so I’ll be getting them in August when I arrive at the airport.  I’m leaving here the 18th of August and should be in Sweden the morning of the 19th.  I hope it all goes well~

I still need to turn in my resident permit stuff though.  Hopefully once I do that it won’t take long to get my passport and such back to me.