October 2008

I went to Stockholm today with my politics class.  I arrived at the train station a bit earlier than the others.  I was a bit worried though, because I hadn’t checked my e-mail this morning, and rarely am I the first person anywhere so…  But, yeah.  Stefan eventually showed up and we went to try and purchase my ticket from the machines (since it’s cheaper than going to the people at the desk and buying them).  Of course, it’s me, so there was naturally some complication.  I tried to put my card in and it said the card wasn’t valid, so I tried my US one and it said the same thing.  Then we both  realized (when he went to purchase his) that he went and pushed the “buy ticket” button first instead of you know…just putting the card in.  So, anyway!  When purchasing tickets make sure to actually “buy the ticket” by doing all the steps like location, studentness, etc etc, THEN put in your card.  We broke the machine for awhile too.  It for some reason went “out of order” after our 3rd screw up.  Rofl.

So, I don’t want to imagine taking the trains by myself.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m still trying to figure out how they work.  But, anyway~  All of us (being Stefan, myself, professor A., and the turkish girls) went off to Stockholm.  We met up with Per and Suyin in the terminal and theeen we went to the subway.  Which is lucky for people in the Stockholm with magic cards that work, unlike the rest of us who had to go buy paper tickets.  I tried to follow Per and Suyin for about a second before I realized they had the cards since they’re both from Stockholm.  Though, technically I’d say Suyin isn’t. ;p

Anyway, after that we went to the lecture place and listened to a seminar by a professor from Rutgers, our professor, and 3 other commentators.  It was interesting, especially Brian Palmer who showed video clips of ads and whatnot from Youtube. Fun stuff.  The seminar was more on how the campaign was going in the US though, not really about deciding factors in it, which is what I think it was supposed to be.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  They had treats and stuff in the lobby-like area before we went in for the seminar.  And there was this homeless guy.  Or, well, maybe he wasn’t homeless but he certainly looked it.  We (Suyin and I) assumed he was up there maybe getting some food or something.  Well, Per and I got to talking aaand we needed to throw our trash away so I saw this bag, right?  Well, the bag had newspapers and an empty coffee cup in it.  It looked like trash, and since it was the only bad I saw, I assumed it was.  So, I through my trash in there and Per did with his shortly after.  But, right when Per did, the homeless-like guy picked up the bag and stuff.  And we realized, it was actually his bag, and it now had our trash in it.  It was so embarassing and we couldn’t stop laughing about it shortly after and later on in the evening.

After the seminar people were invited to go to the pub for more Q&A with the commentators.  Yes, you heard me right.  Go to the pub, get some drinks, and discuss politics.  Highly encouraged by the staff.  Never in the states would you see your professor ask you out to like Harry’s or The Cactus to discuss a seminar. Never.  I was definitely amused, but we decided against it.

So, Suyin, Per, Kim, and myself headed back to Stockholm city via the subway again.  Which was an adventure.  The subway was packed, we had to stand, and were squished like sardines this time, definitely more crowded than before, when we had seats available.  But, I guess it was around rush hour so, I imagine this is what it’s like in New York and Japan on the subways/trains as well haha.  I’m just thankful to say that I have double jointed shoulders, because I was holding onto a pole above my head and by the time we got to our destination it was definitely behind me, because of all the pushing.

So, we all went to Taco Bar for some food.  Which is a classier Taco Bell IMO.  Funny thing though, definitely more calories at Taco Bar than at Taco Bell I believe!  So, I got some yummy nachos and fanta. yumyum~  We talked a bit, and Kim is actually going to Maryland for Thanksgiving to visit his girlfriend.  See they can pull off the long distance thing well, and it’s so cute and I’m jealous, because I want to go home for Thanksgiving too. Rofl.

After that we went to the trains station again, because Kim and I had to get back to Uppsala.  We talked outside with Per and Suyin before our train left, which was probably a bad idea in the long run, because we ended up having to stand in the door-way between cars because there were no more seats on the train.  Which I also got completely OWNED by the guillotine-like door.  Some lady came through, looked me straight in the eyes, then pushed the “tryck” button.  Causing the door to violently slide open and knock me to the side, it felt like my elbow broke for a good 30 seconds.  It freaking hurt!  Then she just acted all apologetic and stuff.  Haha, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she thought that by pushing the button the door would open inwards and not slide to the side.  As there was no warning of this.  But, I bet she knew all along. 😦

Towards the end of the trip Kim and I managed to snag some seats after people left.  We talked a bit and eventually made it to Uppsala centralstation and went back home.  I missed the bus again though so I had to wait about 17 minutes for the next one, which was sad, but okay.

I don’t know why it feels extremely late.  It’s only 10:30 now, but it felt 10:30 when we were sitting at tacobar, and that was only 6:30 or something.  I bet it’s the darkness, tripping up my senses!


Well this past week it’s been my turn as the crapman for the corridor.  I’m not very good at the job, I can clean up after myself fine, but other people…not so much.

I just get so angry when people leave crap in the sink, or on the tables, or on the floor, and don’t pick it up.  Then I get into the mood, “Why should I have to clean up after these people when I don’t even use these rooms?  I make peanut butter sandwiches with my own utensils, this means I don’t fill up the trash can, I don’t dirty up the sinks or anything.  So, I didn’t “mop” the floor this week, because well, I didn’t know when or if that was supposed to be a weekly thing, but yeah.  I was frustrated with the slobs all week.

The problem is I basically know who’s making the mess.  Well, it’s occasionally two people, but mostly one person and this person just makes me mad.  It makes me more mad that on Sunday fika this person joins in with the complaints of people not cleaning up after themselves, when they KNOW it’s them making the mess.  I know it’s them too, because past corridormates that have lived with this person over the past year or two, have complained directly to me about this person.  So, it’s no secret.

Because of the slobs, when things don’t get washed and some people that DO clean in the corridor get angry, they end up in this nasty box outside.  I’ve had to take the pasta strainer out of there like…3 times this week.  So, I’ve taken it.  It’s really a common thing for everyone to use, but it appears the thing I use the most, the others don’t clean.  So, it’s mine now.  I’m claiming it. I’ll be responsible for it and everyone else can go buy there own.  Makes me so mad.

I also went on my first can/bottle recycling adventure today.  I got two bags, one I filled with the cans from everyone, the other with the bottles; and then I went to ICA.  At ICA there’s this machine thing in the wall.  It was very intimidating from afar, but I feel really silly now, because it was almost TOO easy.  You just put your bottles in there and it sucks them on a conveyer belt to the back, and then second you put your cans on there.  I don’t know how it tells if it’s a bottle or a can, but it doesn.  Maybe with the weight or something, I’m not sure.

Also, my duty as crapman means I’m in charge of Sunday night fika.  I had been planning all week to make no-bake cookies, but then I remembered I’d need peanut butter and flour and a bunch of little things I didn’t want to buy.  So, I was going to just buy some cookies, but then I remembered another easy dessert that requires no baking.  RICE KRISPY TREATS!!! So, after I recycled the bottles I went into ICA and got some marshmallows and Rice Krispies, yeah they were there real deal to!  With the little elf guys on the front and everything.  Even by Kelloggs! So, I trusted that they would taste just like real rice krispy treats.

So, I came home and made them, Alex even tasted them.  They tasted perfect, even without vanilla extract (I couldn’t find it after 10 mins of looking on a shelf at ICA).  Alex liked them too, so even if no one else likes them, at least he’ll like them.  Aleksandra also tried one a little while ago too, I think she liked them as well. Woohoo!  I love not being a total failure!

So, yes.  Fika is at 9, which is in an hour.  It would be now, but we had daylights savings time last night here in Swedenland.  It’s funny because earlier that day I was talking with my mom and we were talking about that, I didn’t know it was going to take place though so early (and before the US) until Johnny informed me.  Thank yooou! <33

Also, mom might be coming to visit me either around Christmas or my birthday 😀  That’s exciting~~

Well, once again I’ve been neglecting this journal.  I like to have long and meaningful posts, but I don’t know…I really should just write, regardless of how entertaining it is.

Well, my professor is in New York for the week or something to discuss the election (he should’ve taken me back! Though I have nothing i really want to do in NY so… lol) so my classes were all canceled/re-arranged and I’ve had the past week off basically.  It’s amusing because Purdue was also on their October break.  But, mines longer. Bwahaha~  I should have been thinking about my project and reading more for the class, but I’ve been lacking motivation to do so.  The great thing about American universities, is that generally you can attend a lecture and get most of the information you need.  In Sweden, most of the information you need is in the book, and you have to pull it out and figure it out yourself.  The professor will do some kind of commentary, but really there isn’t really anything new brought to the table in my opinion.  I’ve been a note-taking fiend in my classes, but that obviously doesn’t help, because I got a C in my first class.  I haven’t had a C at all since I’ve been in college, so it’s kind of disheartening.

Well, today I planned to meet up with Ingrid on Tuesday and we’re going to plan a trip to Lappland, Kiruna and all to do all the northerny activities like possible dog-sledding and fun things like that!  I’m mostly excited to see the northern lights.  If I get up there, and I don’t get to see them for the whole trip, I’ll probably be really disappointed because that’s what I want to see the most.  We’re thinking of going either late November or earlier December.  I’m already going to Scotland in early November, so I’m hoping early December for Lappland-adventures.

Well, today I went to Gästrike-Hälsinge (GH) nation with Per, Suyin, Peter, and Josefin.  I was debating for a bit this afternoon if I wanted to go, because I’ve felt pretty lazy lately.  But, I sucked it up and decided to just go. I’m happy I did, because I enjoyed myself, like I always seem to do. :p

It mostly consisted of sitting around talking and taking goofy pictures and what not.  Peter mocked me and my waaater, what’s wrong with my water?  Just because everyone has acquired the taste for beer, and I haven’t. Maaan~  At least Suyin stood up for me and my water!  Though, I know Peter was just kidding, so it doesn’t bother me.  Not like real beer-pressure or anything. lol~ I personally love GH’s fries.  So yummy, but I’m sure they’re super fatty too! I don’t want to gain back weight I’ve lost maaan~

Josefin wanted a different kind of beer so eventually we left to go to Gotlands nation.  Per had other plans to go to another party (which he invited me to ❤ XD But that would prob. be awkward, don’t know anyone except him lol) sooo we split off and the rest of us went to Gotlands.

Playing with wax @ Gotlands Nations pub

Playing with wax @ Gotlands Nation's pub

I didn’t realize where Gotlands was until we got there.  It’s such a cozy little pub, I think I had the most fun playing with the candle wax like a 5 year old and learning how to say “Shut the hell up!” in Swedish, “Håll käften för helvete” (or something) because there were these annoying loud people who decided to show up there.  So sad for us!  We left there and went to Smålands Nation because it was so loud.

At Smålands I ended up trying to order ice cream in Swedish, and it would have worked but they didn’t have any ice cream left so the guy kept saying, “We don’t have ice cream anymore.” in Swedish and after like 4 “vaaa?”‘s and him repeating himself I eventually said in English, “Oh, you don’t have ice cream?’ and he was alll, “Lol. yeah, We don’t have anymore ice cream.” To which I ordered “Ostkaka” which is cheesecake, which is NOTHING like American Cheesecake.  It’s really rich and uhm Peter says it has like pretty much no cheese in it, but it has lots of eggs? Lol~  I don’t know.  It was alright, half of it was super good, the other half not so much.  I couldn’t finish it all either.  Either because I was stuffed or because it was so rich.  Josefin also let me try some of her drink.  It was Raspberry-Licorice flavored something or other.  So I had a sip and to my surprise it wasn’t too bad.  It didn’t taste anything like alcohol and I was more surprised that I wasn’t grossed out by the licorice flavor.  I hate licorice usually.  Like black jelly beans.  I finally found out who they make those nasty things for; the swedes!

After that we all ended up going home.  I took the bus back to Flogsta with Josefin and Peter and at my stop I went to the door and the bus driver shut it on me!!! And since it was a double-bus I tried to yell, “HEEEY!!!” but no one heard me, Peter and Josefin tried too. Lol~  It was okay though, I just got off at Flogsta Centrum which is right infront of the ICA, so not that far away or anything.  I needed to work off some of that food from the night anyway.  :p

Everyone, thanks for the warm comments on my last post.  Thanks for praying/thinking about my family and all, I think I’m better now and I’m not sure if it’ll really hit me until I get home.

On Friday I left to go on the Körhelg (Choir Weekend) with V-dalakören (V-dala choir) to Järlåsa and I just got back yesterday~

I think it was an adventure from the start. I met with Evelina who had brought me a sleeping bag and a little blow up mattress type thing that Ulrika had let me borrow, but she wasn’t going to come until Saturday.  Anyway, yes so we met at Ekonomikum and took the Sala bus line to our little cabin/house dealio.  It kind of reminded me of our old girl scout cabins and such.  But, the place I guess can be rented out for weddings and all that fun stuff.

So, we took a looong walk into the woods to find the cabin thing and when we did we all got settled in.  And of course, we sang!  It’s choir practice/weekend/fun/adventure after all.  It really reminded me of band camp.  We would sing, eat, sing, eat, and that consisted of our time.  So, we had hot dogs our first night, I don’t usually like hot dogs, but these were really good haha.  And on Saturday we also did the same thing and we had fika as well.  2 fika in one day, it was like a dream come true!  I love fika cakes and cookies.  So delicious.

Anyway!  The real adventure came on Saturday night.  Saturday ingeneral was a bit hard to focus on.  I didn’t sleep well the night before because my makeshift bed fell apart in the middle of the night and I ended up on the floor, the room was also extremely hot, (which I personally think is better than extremely cold, like here at Flogsta) and yeah…so I got maybe an hour or two of sleep that night.

Saturday we practiced more, but then we all split off because us newbies to the choir weekend had to perform a Spex, which is a funny comedy of sorts, usually a parody of something, but this time it was just a funny skit.  We decided to have a circus theme since 3 people in our group can juggle.  Martin is especially good, he can juggle 2 balls and an apple, and take a bite out of the apple, and keep going, without dropping anything.  He really belongs in a circus.  So yes, we had jugglers, Maike, Eugene, and I formed the exchange student triangle, and Gustav was the “lion” lol.  After that we all sang a song from Monty Python, though the beginning part 2 of the swedish guys changed the lyrics to funny stuff in Swedish and yeah.  So, that was our plan for our spex later in the evening.

After our practice of the spex, we all got dressed up and went downstairs for our “formal” dinner.  We had a weird way of picking who we would sit by.  We all had to draw a paper, the guys I believe had a character, and the girls had to sing the theme song from whatever was on our paper.  I got Beauty & The Beast, so I sang that and I ended up being paired with Marvelous Martin, not to be confused with Machine Dish Washer Martin who I was going to do the spex with, though he did sit across from me.  I also sat near Amelie and Karin who has the 3rd best dog in the world, Ville! Sooo cute~! Before I forget, earlier in the day we had learned everyones names by going in a circle and playing a game like “Patrik the penguin” etc etc… So, if I describe people later by that, you’ll know why: hence Marvelous Martin and Machine Dish Washer Martin.

Körhelg Dinner
Körhelg Dinner

So, dinner was delicious.  It was like a gasque.  We had a 3 course meal (Bread-stuff that tasted like licorice to me because of the olives (starter), Salmon & Rice (entre), and New York Style Blueberry Cheesecake (dessert))and plenty of singing and toasting.  I drank water mostly, aside from a drink I had before the actual dinner, which tasted more like delicious juice! Alcohol is usually nasty, but this was actually pretty good.  So, while people were getting drunk throughout the night, I got to laugh at them, because I uh…wasn’t?  But, basically after you sing a song you do this formal way of toasting, that’s really a process.  I’ll show everyone once I get home.  But, yes you sing after a speech or something special, then you drink.  Or you make a “tsss tssss” sound, and the person in charge (Sofia) gets up and starts a song that we’ve been learning in choir or something most people know, and after that people drink again with a toast.

There were 3 songs that were especially fun to sing.  Helan går (toast song of sorts), the ABBA parody song, and Circle of Life.  Circle of Life was the most entertaining though because out of nowhere Fabian (I think?) got up and started singing it and then the rest of the choir joined in, so I joined in with the sopranos singing what I thought they would be singing (which luckily they were haha).  It was so much fun.  A few more songs that came about just in our little section of the table was ‘Bumbi Björnarna’, the swedish version of Gummi Bears, which I just so happen to have! I was amazed, because I knew it and I didn’t learn it at choir.  And also when Machine Dish Washer Martin and I sang Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” together, but I did English Jasmine parts and he did the Aladdin parts in Swedish, so it was amusing. XD The most funny though is still the ABBA parody song about spanking and stuff lmfao.  This choir loooves ABBA. Smiska här, smiska där, piska mig, piska dig~HEJ~ (Sing it to the tune of numanuma…and stuff lmao)

After dinner, we all did our spex and that was entertaining, I think the others watching were amused. So yay~  Aaand yeah, then it became more chaotic and we eventually cleaned up and I talked with Kool Karin (not Ville Karin) and we all danced a bit or went and sang.  Eveeentually we all went to sleep.

Then the next morning, the sopranos (meee) had to get up and do breakfast and such.  We all cleaned up then and played some games before heading to the bus stop to go back home.  It was pouring cold rain that day, so yeah.  Some people drove back, some people offered to take people, but after all of that cheesecake and stuff, I just walked to the bus stop.  Probably not the brightest idea with only having a hoodie and such on.

When I got home I definitely had a warm shower and it was amaaazing, let me tell you!  I also found out when I got home that Matthias will be going back to Germany with his mom, so things are all packed up.  I hope he doesn’t have any brain damage and gets out of this okay. =\  He’ll be in my thoughts.

Also, my doorbell was rang a few minutes ago, so I went to check and see who it was.  We don’t have a peep hole, so I couldn’t tell if I knew the person or not.  Well, they started to speak to me in french, and then realized I wasn’t french.  Which was fine, and I thought maybe they would leave. But, no.  Instead she whipped out her bible.  And they started asking me about what I thought about the future and if I thought it was scary or something.  I told them no, the future isn’t scary when you live in the here and now.  So she read me some prophecy in Isaiah. Or something.  And asked what I thought of that and if I thought it was a real one, and I said no.  Because I think to make the world perfect and nice we have to work towards that.  I think the bible is a fine guide, like most mythology books on morals and stuff, but I don’t think it predicts the future.  Theeen after a few minutes, she whipped out The Watchtower.  I’m not even kidding.  Back home I just don’t answer the door if they come, so I’ve managed to not get involved, but it majority athiest Sweden…this happens? What’s going on?  It’s especially amusing because I watched ‘Zeitgeist’ last night (well part 1 & 2, I need to finish it) which taught/reminded me of a lot.  Put puzzle pieces together, that I didn’t know where to put before.  So, I have an even different view on Christianity than what I had before I left for Sweden.