December 2008

Wow.  Just…wow.  Mom and I went down to the city for New Years and let me tell you…Stockholm has Red White & Boom and Time Square New Years beat out in the fireworks department.  The big fireworks are banned in the states, but they’re definitely legal here!  People were shooting bottle rockets and stuff from their hands and I was just waiting for me or someone to get hit with one.  And I really do mean they were coming from everywhere.  Huge fireworks.  I hid behind a pole, behind mom and even behind a bus.  We were standing near Gamla Stan and kind of near Slussen…kind of.  People were crazy though.  One guy shot a rocket straight out to the water instead of into the sky, and it darted across the water, hit a building and it CAUGHT ON FIRE.  Mom got most of that on her video camera, but I think I caught the very end of it…they got it out after a minute or two, but hearing the people scream from across the water was just freaky.  I mean, could you imagine this bright red missile flying at you? Can you IMAGINE?!

There was also this drunk guy there causing a major scene. First he broke a bottle, then he like knocked over a christmas tree thing, then he drug a trashcan to the water and threw it in.  He was about to throw a cart in as well, but some guy tried to stop him and there was a mini-fight but the girls (his daughters I think) tried to break him away from crazy item throwing man.  I think he threw the cart into the water too… Then he went to this old guy and ranted to him, poor old guy missed most of the “real” fireworks from when midnight came.  They were the biggest fireworks I’ve ever seen! Amazing~~!

On the train ride home I almost caught puked on.  Some obnoxious boy was falling over on me and he kept doing those belches that come right before puke.  So I was like pushing people to go, especially my mom.  And NO ONE was moving fast enough.  I really thought I was gonna get puked on, but I managed to get off the train and this guy like fell into the door…he was super duper trashed.  I was really creeped when he was like litterally falling on me…like I felt him all on my back and *shivers* creeeepy!

Anyway I’ll upload videos as soon as I figure out a YT name…


Last night mom and I got lost in Stockholm because for some reason there we both have no sense of direction~  It was pretty interesting walking around for about an hour and we eventually found our restaurant and had dinner. Yummy~

When we got home I downloaded ‘Revolutionary Road’, happy we didn’t pay to see it.  It was fine and all, but not something I would have wanted to pay 11 dollars for, you know?  And it’s definitely no Titanic. Haha~

Today we were supposed to go to Uppsala, but the sun is already going down…don’t know if we are now or not. Aaahh~

I’ve been pretty lazy at updating this and it’s midnight right now so I still don’t really feel like updating. BUT, my mom is here and that’s super duper exciting~!

We’re currently staying at the Rica Talk Hotel until New Years night, when we go to another place closer to the airport so we can make our flight to Italy on the 2nd. Fun fun!  I’ve had fun here so far, even though the first two days were kind of vegetable days of watching movies.  All the places were closed here so our Xmas dinner consisted of a hamburger…rofl.

Yesterday we met up with Per and Suyin in Stockholm city, our hotel is about a 10 min trainride outside of the city.  That was a lot of fun, because I got to introduce my friends to my mom. 🙂 We took a lot of nice pictures and stuff, which I manged to lose today.  It was pretty devesating actually.  The pictures on mom’s camera were really good and I went to upload them and all the pictures were corrupt.  Hopefully a camera store can fix it, because I couldn’t recover them without them looking all corrupt and stuff.  I have a few from my camera, but they’re not good or anything. Mine were mostly random ones of Suyin, Per and myself being dorks the other day…I was relying on mom’s camera. 😦 Sad-times!

We went to Stockholm city today as welll and I’ve had my first dinner at a restaurant, yummy chicken pasta! I also got some boots and a pink and grey scarf. Pretty pretty~ Hopefully these new boots will be epic and I won’t slip around.  🙂

But yes, I’ll try to keep notes and stuff for the next few days and keep this updated, before everything is meshed together~

Also, apparently my goat burned down. 😦

So I don’t know how I read that email wrong for a month, but I did.  I’ve thought for a whole month that it said my mom would get here on the morning of the 23rd.  But, no.  She’s leaving ATLANTA on the 23rd at 7pm and getting HERE at 10:35am on the 24th. So, remember kids. Read and re-read those documents and remember that you’re no longer in the US anymore, even though that’s been the case for about 4 months!

Nope.  I tooootally did NOT was 220 SEK for an adventure to and from the airport.  I did nooot. -_-;;

Thanks Peter for picking up and checking online to see if I was crazy or not and I was. 🙂

At around 2 after I made some delicious spaghetti I went and took a nap.  Because waking up early is NOT fun.

Me, Inca, Corinne, Liza, Ingrid, & Björn on our goat adventures~

Me, Inca, Corinne, Liza, Ingrid, & Björn on our goat adventures~

Yesterday Me, Ingrid, Inca, Liza, Björn, and Ingrid’s friend Corinne went to see the goat in a town above us called Gävle.  It was about an hour train ride or so and we were only going to see this huge goat, hoping someone hadn’t already burned it down, vandalized, or rant their car into it. The goat is put up on December 1st and generally lasts a month, or well…it’s supposed to.  Usually it gets destroyed in the middle and only has a survival rate of about 47%.  Poor goat.  But, according to Ingrid it’s one of Sweden’s “7 wonders” haha.  There’s also a smaller goat, and we saw a pile of hay next to the big one…one of Björn’s friends said people already threw it into the river…lol. I guess that’s really the only thing there is in Gävle but that’s okay!  After we saw the goat we went into town and got fika and all so that was nice.

We missed the first train back so we all just kind of sat in the train station for about a half hour talking.  Nice and relaxing times~  Then we all came home!

It’s kind of strange, in the cities above us they had snow.  But here in Uppsala, we just have water…not that I’m complaining.  You don’t really fall on water.

I need to go get my package at the post office today. Once again I apparently wasn’t here when they tried to drop it off. –;  It’s from dad and Kelly and stuffs, so I wonder what it is!  I hope it’s not too big, because I’m weak and uhh…yeah. 😦 Carrying it would not be fun haha.

I really should get back in the habit of taking pictures wherever I go.  I’m back in that habit of not taking pictures in fear of annoying people or because, “I can get that shot later.” No good!

I got the wedding invitation to Lisa and Peter’s wedding in June, so looks like I won’t be heading home until June 14th at the earliest, since their wedding is on the 13th and I do intend on going. 🙂  It’s so shocking to get an invite to a wedding here, with people I’ve just met.  It’s amazing how close you can get to people within such a short amount of time.

In other news, the weather was crappy last night so Miriam and I decided against going to Stockholm today.  Sadly, this morning the weather wasn’t so bad so we could have gone to the Christmas market.  Instead, we went to see a lecture by one of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize with Lisa (not the one getting married) and Wiebke.  His presentation was really interesting, but sadly most of it was chemistry lingo, and I haven’t had a chemistry class since junior year of high school.  Lucky for me he had pictures in his presentation, so I did know what was going on even without understanding the hardcore langing.  He basically is trying to be able to detect cancerous cells in mammals with a type of flourecent lighting that will be more accurate in finding and detecting all cancer cells, instead of using say your eyes or an MRI which have a higher possibility in missing something.  Currently they’re just working on mice, but who knows, maybe in the near future it’ll be up to humans. 🙂

After the presentation Miriam and I went to ICA and got some cooking ingridients, went back to her place, and baked!  The cookies were really good, German cookies.  We also made some other treat with apricots, almonds, and chocolate.  Both were really simple and didn’t seem that hard, even I can do it!  Especially the apricot dessert one.

Aaand now I’m back home and doing laundry. Fun.  Too bad the laundry room is kind of flooded and super slick by the door.

So after my class today with the teacher who basically hates me, I went into town with Per and Suyin.  Which was good, because for the past week I’ve been getting more and more depressed.  I think the darkness dealio is starting to sink in and it really makes for some depressing days.  In the winter back home, I may occasionaly get depressed at night, but here it’s like I start the day off being sad.  And then the sun starts setting around 2-something, and well…it’s just sad!

But, yes.  So, I asked Per and Suyin to hang out with meee for a bit because of that and because I miiiss them. Haha~  So yes, we went into town and they finally have all the Christmas lights above the streets up, so everything looks really pretty and festive.  In Stora Torget they have these giant Christmas packages with holes in them and when you look inside there’s some…scene going on.  Like one had a table with a rocking chair and a Christmas tree…it was kind of random, but whatever. Better than nothing!

We went to Class Ohlsson, since Suyin insisted, and I bought a little Christmas treeee and some wintery things for my window.  This means I can take down my halloween decorations from my window, but they’re staying up on my walls in the room, because without them it would be bare and that is DEPRESSING.

Aaand yes. So then we went to MAX, which is this Swedish fastfood dealio (I think it’s Swedish?) and got foood cause Per and I were pretty hungry.  But while we were sitting there, these little punkass kids came and were being OBNOXIOUSLY loud.  They were foreigners too I might add.  So, this swedish girl told them to shut up because they were being ridiculous and the boy (who was probably like 12) called her a racist.  Here I was thinking crap like that only happened in the states!  So, later she asked them to be quiet again and the boy called her a skank/slut/etc…the PC term is probably prostitute, but whatever.  If I were able to speak Swedish I would’ve said something and if I were in America, I would’ve said something.  Freaking brats.  So, as they’re leaving/getting told to go, this boy like kicks the chair at the girl. I’m like, “SERIOUSLY?” and then this little brat girl comes a long and kicks her chair as well.  The Swedish girls’ group was just rolling their eyes at them, and told them to shut up because she was on the phone.  It’s funny seeing 11 year olds try to be badass.  It fails.  But, I’m honestly surprised the Swedish girl didn’t turn around and backhand those kids.  I would have or I would have at least stood up and caused an even bigger scene.  But, I guess you’re not allowed to hit people and stuff here like that…according to Per.  They kept leaving the building and coming back, so one of the girls’ friends (who is an employee) came and locked the door so they couldn’t get back in through that enterance, haha.

So after some more drama they eventually leeeft and we were able to eat in peace…and stuff.  Per was just kinda sitting there so I reached over and pressed on his stomach with my arm, it wasn’t even like a full on hit…but I guess I knocked the wind out of him aaand I felt so bad!!!  But his face looked really funny according to Suyin.  Aweh, I really felt bad though, buuut he doesn’t hate me so that’s good rofl~

Oh! Aaand I think I’m going to Gävle to see giant goat time on Saturday with Ingrid and co. 😀

How’s that for random trains of thought? 😀

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