February 2009

Last week I started my new set of COM classes. It’s already much better than the previous class I was taking. This professor not only appears to know what he’s talking about, but he also shows that he at least has some passion in teaching.  Not to mention, he’s quite funny.  The last set of classes were so unorganized and bland that it hurt to go to class, this new guy is a lot more entertaining and has a much better teaching style. I actually feel like I’ll get something out of this class.

And today I got some free food! I was heading to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich when Matthias (the German boy that came back) offered/told me he was going to make me food.  So, of course I wasn’t going to say no.  I at least helped with cutting onions, potatos, and mashing the potatos, both normal and sweet.  So, I didn’t feel bad because I put some effort in too.  I’m really a horrible cook.  But, luckily our mashed mixed potatos and the salmon with yummy sauce was delicious.  Definitely much better than a peanut butter sammich!


I haven’t written in here much. I keep getting lazy with it and there really hasn’t been anything eventful to really talk about?

I got in a semi-argument today with the guy who brought my free chair. He was just really rude and got upset that I didn’t come forward sooner.  I mean I would have, but I didn’t know until 2 days ago that I was even supposed to have 2 chairs, nor did I know what they were supposed to look like.  He said something about a yellow list having everything listed, to which I snapped back, “Does it look like there is a yellow list on my door?” He then got quieter and less aggressive…or as aggressive as swedes are which I haven’t really seen a truely aggressive swede..but you know. Everyone’s different and I know there are some out there. But, yes. He eventually left and I got a chair, but it’s regular and short and not an arbetsstol so I will go back to Heimstaden again…since I dont particularly like sitting on a make-shift booster seat (my pillow) to be able to kind of reach my keyboard.

But the real point of this post is to tell you that I’ve passed on a family tradition. Haha~ A few days ago I was talking with Jonatan and Sanna aaand I guess somehow grandma got brought up.  So, I eventually told them about the “What’s the word of the day grandma?” “IIIINDEEEED~” and her guitar. So, for the past few days whenever I run into Jonatan it goes like this.

Jonatan: What’s the word of the day, Nicole?

Me: INDEEED! ….Play your guitar, Jonatan!

Jonatan: *plays the air guitar*

Super lame, but super amusing for me.  Aaand, apparently my door mirror makes objects wider than they appear.  For Sanna said earlier, “My ass looks like Asia.”

The end!