I head off to Sweden tomorrow at around 1:30pm. Last night and tonight it feels as if I’ve gotten some pre-departure jitters. I didn’t want to write negative things in this blog, but I feel it only fair to give information to future travelers and to remind myself of how I felt when all of this is said and done.

I should be packing right now, but I keep getting myself sick and I don’t want to pack up anything. I think a lot of students are excited right away, and I have been for the past few months, but where as most kids feel homesick in the middle of the year, I feel it right when I leave and clearly before I leave. I know I had a meltdown of sorts for several days when I went to Purdue for the first time. Not knowing anyone, feeling like you’re alone, not having family, it’s a really stressful and lonely feeling. I know I’m over-thinking things a bit as well. Earlier this afternoon during the day I felt fine, I was talking with people currently living in Sweden and it seemed fun, but still a little scary. I don’t want to have a meltdown like I did my freshman year, but that’s what it feels like.

I’ve been crying on and off all night, giving myself second thoughts, and other negative things. I need to think positive and I don’t want my mom to see me cry. I’ll miss her the most and I think that’s what sucks. I’m trying hard not to cry and RJ has been talking with me a bit, but it’s not really making things feel better.

I get upset before I leave, but I know this is just homesickness and I will get better when I’m there. It will pass, I know this, but it doesn’t make the loneliness feel any better. Once I start meeting people, I think that’s when things will be okay.


I can’t believe I’ll be leaving in around 18 days.  That’s so scary to me!  I’m really really nervous, but excited at the same time.  I hope it’ll be nice, and maybe I’ll even meet some people on the long flight over there.

It seems as if everyone is traveling these days.  My friend Hallie was in Africa for a year, a lot of friends are in England, Steph is in Italy, it’s crazy!  Speaking of Steph, I really hope we contact each other before she has to come back to the states.  It’d be so crazy to at least spend a day or so together in a different country. Haha~

I just got my residence permit back today. I was really shocked at how fast the Consulate General of Sweden in New York returned it! I want to say I sent the things out about a week or so ago, and it’s already back to me! The picture they used is of the ones I sent them, so I have a new picture in my passport too; which I must say looks a LOT better than my actual passport picture. Haha~ I’m just amused at all the pretty colors on the big visa sticker thing.  If only I were a little taller, my neck is abruptly cut off haha~  I’m super excited now!

I guess this means I’m all set to go!! Watch out Sweden, I’ll be seeing you on the 19th of August!

I got my housing information today!  It looks like I’ll be in Flogsta building 6.  My room number is in the 100s so if it’s like Purdue I’ll be on the first floor. Yay, no stairs! (that’s a first!!)

I was pretty excited when I got the email, I kind of didn’t want to open it. Haha~  But, I got in where I wanted, so hopefully it’s a good choice and hopefully people on my floor will be awesooome~!

I got my tickets today from a company called Vayama. Well, kind of.  They’re e-tickets so I’ll be getting them in August when I arrive at the airport.  I’m leaving here the 18th of August and should be in Sweden the morning of the 19th.  I hope it all goes well~

I still need to turn in my resident permit stuff though.  Hopefully once I do that it won’t take long to get my passport and such back to me.

Acceptance Letter to Uppsala

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Alright, so everything is pretty much official now!! I got my acceptance letter among other things in the mail today and I’m pretty excited! There’s a lot of stuff I still need to do, but having this makes me feel more easy about doing daunting paperwork. I will probably finish up my visa things sometime this week and then I’ll also look at some flights. I’m not really sure where to look, with the Germany flight in high school things were pretty much taken care of for us; so it’s a little strange having to look up everything by myself.

Aaah! This is it! It’s really happening. 🙂

I just got back recently from the pre-departure meeting of Sweden and Denmark students.  I finally got to meet up with the other two who are going with me on my program, and they both seem really nice.  I also met with Erik who is an exchange student here; from Sweden.  He was also super nice and, obviously, full of a lot of information.  Just being there with all of them and all of us asking questions; it makes me want to be in Sweden faster.

April also brought food in of the Denmark variety; but I didn’t try any…though I missed dinner now so I kind of wish I did.  Haha~  So I’ve been in Krannert from 5:30 until about 7:45ish.  It was actually a lot of fun, at least for me. Erik was really nice with saying he’d help us out and wouldn’t mind showing us around and stuff once we get there.  I think that’s extremely nice of him, and I’m probably going to take him up on that offer as well.

Afterwards I waited for the bus and it started to rain.  I talked with a guy from South Africa who I guess came over here in 2003 for his Master’s and is now doing his Phd.  He was also really nice to talk to.  It’s been a pretty good day and I like that I’ve met quite a few new people just from this little meeting. 🙂

PS: It started down pouring once I got back to the dorm, if the bus were any later I would have drowned! Haha~

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