On Saturday I plaaanned to meet up with Peter in Stockholm before he went back to Blekinge~ He had like a 6 hour ferry-train layover so wandering around commensed. 😀 It sucked though because I was super late, I hate trains on weekends and holidays. I was over an hour late, but I would have been on time if Peter didn’t say he was getting in later. Tsktsk~

So, I eventually got there and after much texting we decided to meet at the big hole in the floor. At first I thought it was the one by where gimpy pigeon was, but then I remebered the “main” big hole in the floor in centralstation that was next to the Christmas tree at well…Christmas.  Anyway~! I met up with him, which is funny because I saw him first by his dorky hat and he was facing the wrong way so…you know, I kicked his leg.  Because that is the Nicole-way to greet people! 😀

Through most of this we found out we were directionally challenged and even went to look at that stupid map mom and I looked at. No good! The best thing about this was…it wasn’t awkward or strange at all, at least not to me.  I was completely comfortable and normal.  Rambled and naturally ungraceful. Everything was very…normal!  For awhile we mostly went into random goofy stores after finding “Checkered Square” looking for a gift for his sister or something, which he never ended up buying! Tsktsk~ We went to the SF Bookstore, which actually wasn’t all science fiction. They had some cute phonestraps in there, which would have been nice to know before I bought 3 in Scotland. =_=;  We also went into a store with a different assortment of swords and other…things. Like dream catchers and very uh…suggestive statues. I mean honestly, who would buy a statue like that…? HONESTLY!

I think what I learned from going into these stops is that Iam more of a klutz than I thought, or maybe Stockholm just has random bumps in the ground. Yeah. That’s it. 🙂

Anyway! We were getting hungry, so I decided to call Emil since he should be up by then, probably…right?  Haha, he was, but only for 30 mins.! Sooo, while we waited for him to get ready, we went to a little cafe and had yummy caaake. Cake that is so dense…it’s so tiny, but makes you way too full! And it’s chocolatey~ Yumyumyum~  Mucho dorky convos happened and I saw his Svenska Spel ID which made me laugh cause he had goofy hair. GOOFY I tell you. Like…Bill Gates dorky.

After an hour we called Emil and met him at the emo stairs. Both of these boys are shorter than I thought I might add~ Or maybe my shoes gave me some leverage. 8D Emil is definitly spacey and I didn’t really know what to say by then, so it got quieter. So sad~ We went to the food court due to Emil’s idea. BAD CHOICE. It was crowded and just…ahhh~! Think Tuttle’s food court…compact and with more people and underground. It was like a school dining hall kind of. x_X

So, we talked more and left and wandered more. I like that…haha~ Aaaand then we had to see Peter off to Blekinge at 6:20 something.  Sooo after Peter left,my train wasn’t going to be there until 7:11.  So! Emil and I walked and talked about randomnesss…like the PM getting shot on the street we were walking on, his favorite place to get spring rolls, etc etc~ Raaandomness until I had to go catch my train. 😦

So yes! I hope we play this game again and WHEN we do, it should be nicer out and I’ll take more pictures. I knew I would get in that mind set of only taking pictures a little bit. I should stop caring and just snapsnasnap!!! So yeah! Emil is in Stockholm so I can prob. go bug him whenever I guess aaand Peter is in Visby now sooo that’s closer than Blekinge so uh…yeah! I expect more adventures before I leave~  If it doesn’t happen, oh well…I’ll be back. >=D

I have a hitting problem as well~ But they kept teasing, they deserved any bruises they got. ;p

I know I forgot to post a lot of what happened on Saturday, but it’s 1am now and I’m sleeeepy and have class tomorrow. :<


A few days ago (the 2nd) my dad and sister went to my mom’s house and talked to me on Skype. That was nice, I haven’t “seen” them since August. My sister is definitely pregnant haha.  I really miss them, so I’m happy they went to mom’s t wish me a happy bday. That same day my bday package arrived, filled with amusing cards, Kelly’s yummy no-bake cookies and a cute super warm PIIIINK hat 8D I’m really happy I didn’t go out and buy one now haha~

Yesterday I went out with Miriam for lunch.  Because it was Thursday, I was able to get some PANCAKES and PEA SOUP!  Though, this time it was “green pea soup” which I must say doesn’t taste as good as the regular kind. Oh, well. Next time! But incase I didn’t say this before, Thursday is the day of pancakes and peasoup. I’m not sure why, but you can get it in a lot of places on Thursdays. I should take a picture of it next time, because the pancakes are more like crepes than fluffy Americany pancakes. They’re much better here. Yumyumyum~

After lunch we went to this little bookstore with Swedish children books. I was tempted to buy some, because…you know I could read some of that! They also had a bit of Pippi things, which makes sense…this IS Sweden after all. I remember watching Pippi when I was younger, it was such an entertaining show!

After the little bookstore Miriam showed me into a place called ‘Small’. It’s basically a store full of useless things. Sadly, I wanted to buy so much! There were heart shaped measuring cups and heartshaped baking things…I can’t cook! There’s really NO NEED for me to buy any of that, but I wanted to. There were other random cute things as well, so we figured it best to leave before we started shopping for tons of stuff we didn’t need.  I’ll probably go back…

After that we went to the hill infront of Carolina R. I was really happy it was a nice day.  It was “warm” and you could see the sky through the clouds. Not to mention, the sun wasn’t setting.  A few months prior the sun would go down at 2:30, now it’s going down around 5:30 like it should. Soon it’ll be going down at 9~10pm. Bahaha! That definitely makes up for the long winter nights.  Though, I’m going to feel like it’s winter when I get home, minus the heat, because the sun will feel like it’s setting earlier than it should. But, anyway we saw the poor snowmen dying because the warm weather isn’t friendly to snowmen!

After saying goodbye to Miriam I went to get my package from the post office~  I was so happy to open it at home, lots of candies and illy things like a pink tiara to go with my alien ears.  Really, I tuned 21? Not 6?  This morning I also saw that my friends made bday videos for me, my mom posted them on YouTube. It made me feel really happy and loved.  I love and miss you guys~ I can’t wait to see you all in June ❤

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGPyD3dT_58&feature=channel_page -> Mindy, Maegan and little Lydia

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4lfFt1lRiU&feature=channel -> Hallie

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyW4bqd_dMI&feature=channel -> Steph

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFzz8IrWmow&feature=channel -> Hallie & Steph
I love you guys, there’s a reason why you guys are my best friends. ;p

Last week I started my new set of COM classes. It’s already much better than the previous class I was taking. This professor not only appears to know what he’s talking about, but he also shows that he at least has some passion in teaching.  Not to mention, he’s quite funny.  The last set of classes were so unorganized and bland that it hurt to go to class, this new guy is a lot more entertaining and has a much better teaching style. I actually feel like I’ll get something out of this class.

And today I got some free food! I was heading to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich when Matthias (the German boy that came back) offered/told me he was going to make me food.  So, of course I wasn’t going to say no.  I at least helped with cutting onions, potatos, and mashing the potatos, both normal and sweet.  So, I didn’t feel bad because I put some effort in too.  I’m really a horrible cook.  But, luckily our mashed mixed potatos and the salmon with yummy sauce was delicious.  Definitely much better than a peanut butter sammich!

I haven’t written in here much. I keep getting lazy with it and there really hasn’t been anything eventful to really talk about?

I got in a semi-argument today with the guy who brought my free chair. He was just really rude and got upset that I didn’t come forward sooner.  I mean I would have, but I didn’t know until 2 days ago that I was even supposed to have 2 chairs, nor did I know what they were supposed to look like.  He said something about a yellow list having everything listed, to which I snapped back, “Does it look like there is a yellow list on my door?” He then got quieter and less aggressive…or as aggressive as swedes are which I haven’t really seen a truely aggressive swede..but you know. Everyone’s different and I know there are some out there. But, yes. He eventually left and I got a chair, but it’s regular and short and not an arbetsstol so I will go back to Heimstaden again…since I dont particularly like sitting on a make-shift booster seat (my pillow) to be able to kind of reach my keyboard.

But the real point of this post is to tell you that I’ve passed on a family tradition. Haha~ A few days ago I was talking with Jonatan and Sanna aaand I guess somehow grandma got brought up.  So, I eventually told them about the “What’s the word of the day grandma?” “IIIINDEEEED~” and her guitar. So, for the past few days whenever I run into Jonatan it goes like this.

Jonatan: What’s the word of the day, Nicole?

Me: INDEEED! ….Play your guitar, Jonatan!

Jonatan: *plays the air guitar*

Super lame, but super amusing for me.  Aaand, apparently my door mirror makes objects wider than they appear.  For Sanna said earlier, “My ass looks like Asia.”

The end!

So, generally I don’t pay attention to these things and I especially don’t pay attention to the O’Reilly Factor. That show spins things so much it makes MY head spin. But, Yahoo brought to my attention a little feud between Jessica Alba and Bill O’Reilly. I don’t pay much attention to stars, but of course the word “Sweden” got my attention.

Does Bill O’Reilly honestly think that Sweden isn’t a neutral country? HONESTLY? Everyone here would tell you otherwise, as would most people around the world. Way to make yourself look even more like a dumbass Bill. Whether she “meant” to say Switzerland or not, I don’t think she meant to say Switzerland at all. To be honest, when I think of neutrality I think of Sweden before Switzerland as well. Aiiish~

If Sweden is doing anything it would be a few troops MAYBE: removing mines, destroying weapons, searching for weapons at checkpoints, protecting the red cross, and helping people build up a working society. This hardly counts as being UN-neutral. And even then it’s as a part of the UN forces.

Sweden has had ~230 years of NO war.

Here’s the video to reference what I’m talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA0WAtJVxeU&feature=related

Just had to get out that little rant.

So, I got up early today because I planned with my group members in IMCS to meet up at 9.  So, all was going well until I apparently got on the wrong bus.  At Flogsta, the only buses that really come this way are bus 2 and 22.  This morning I apparently had the fortune of getting on bus 21.  I didn’t even realize there was another bus that came to Flogsta, probably because those times are so irregular.  So, I wasn’t paying attention and I probably would have if the whole bus stop didn’t get on this bus. The bus turned right instead of left at Rejkaviksgatan and that should have been my first clue. But no…I thought, “Maybe there is some kind of construction and this is detour?” Then we passed a bus stop and  I thought the sign said “2” as well so I was still comfortable. But then…we started to get really out in the boonies. I figured by then that I clearly was not on the right bus and I kept seeing bus stops for 21.  I had hoped that it would get near town, but when I could see the castle and the cathedral off in the distance I realized that wasn’t going to happen.  So I jumped off in the middle of nowhere after asking some girls on the bus which bus went into town.  They said 110, 115 and 20.  So, I managed to catch 20 and went to Centralstation, got off and then got bus 5 whichI realized stopped at Ekonomikum aaand finally got off there.

Sooo chaotic. So, by then it was already going on 10, our class starts at 10:15. I felt sooo bad! On the bus I also remembered that I wasn’t going to be having class in the same room as last week, so that stressed me out. BUT! Luckily as I was walking in the door, my group was turning the corner and yeah.  So, I explained to them and said sorry annnd all of that stuff. Vanessa said it was alright though because they were hving issues with the printer for like 30 mins and didn’t really get to talk either.

On a good note, we kinda rocked our presentation. Especially without practicing beforehand! 🙂

Today felt like August all over again, but a LOT colder and with less stress.  I went to the train station and picked up Hannah, she’s from Purdue and is going to be studying here for the Spring semester.  We basically did almost exactly what I had to do on my orientation week, but hopefully with much more ease since I knew where things were and all that fun stuff.  The only difference is that she lives in the boonies by the science labs and stuff and I haven’t been over there at all.  We walked there and that was peachy, even though it was extremely cold.  Though I shouldn’t complain, it’s apparently -38F back home. Haha.

We even ate at Kebab House, which is the first place I ate “real food” at.  And iiin said kebab house was this group of Swedish kids and one girl had on a gothic lolita costume and her boyfriend(?) had on some…anime-character-ish costume and silver hair.  Basically, my senses told me there was an anime convention nearby and I had remembered that they have a convention called Uppcon or something?  Well, I looked it up when I got home, and ‘lo and behold, it’s this weekend.  I was pretty amused, though the site irked me with their dumb ads. “Pocky – we has it” and “Randomness – we has it”.  So sad. Sooo sad.

So, yes! I got home at around 6:30 or so and I think I got cold-burns on the back of my legs because they feel sunburnt. But it’s freezing outside and I’m wearing pants…so that obviously isn’t what it is.  Haha~

There’s already new people in Aleksandra’s room as well, they’re swedes…which is weird because I thought her room was furnished for exchange students. Hmm…

I should write in more detail, but I’m really tired and lazy…I’ll probably regret that down the road when I read this entry again. Oh well.