Well, a lot actually has happened since I last wrote, I’ve just been too lazy to actually write.  I’m basically done with my classes now, as I dropped my final one because it was just…ridiuclous. Masters work for an undergraduate ELECTIVE? No thanks.

So, earlier this week I stayed at Vanessa’s house in Stockholm and we worked out our final paper for “Image, Identity & New Media”. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! If we get anything less than an A I’m going to be super upset.  But, it wasn’t all work and no play…well it kind of was but haha.  Anyway, we went to the park with her son and it was actually a lot of fun. He’s opened up to me a lot compared to a week or so ago when I went to visit her. So, while Vanessa talked with her friend I just took Oscar around to see some of the animals. He’s really a well-behaved kid and quite amusing haha. But, a strange thing about Sweden is that they have a petting zoo at the park and anyone can go! No paying to go pet and see the chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, etc. It’s strange~! But, so nice. Another thing I noticed that there were lots of toys by a sandbox and no one seemed around so i was like, “Why would someone just leave their stuff?” and Vanessa told me that it’s community toys. Kids can play with them there but they leave them there at the end of the day. I know if those same toys were at a park at home they would be jacked that night.

Aaand now onto better stories! Last night was Valborg (April 30th) Find out more here. I’ve never seen so many people in one place in all my life, especially not in Uppsala. Basically Uppsala is infamous for being THE place to be for Valborg, so how lucky for me to live here? We planned on the 29th to get up at 8 for Champagne breakfast, which Sanna and I did but everyone else slept in or started making it to the kitchen around 8:30~9 which was fine. Even Jonatan came back from Katorsgatan to be there. Keke~ Fun.

After breakfast Sanna, Jonatan and I walked to ICA Maxi and Systembolaget to pick up some stuff for the day. I even bought a little blue blanket to sit on which by the end of the day was not such a good idea because the fuzzies got all over my shirt when I wrapped it around me at night because it was chilly. Cruel!

After that we headed to Ekonomikum Parken which was crowded something serious! There was hardly any place to get, so we picked one of the side areas which hadn’t been claimed yet~ We could still see grass there! Woohoo.  Sanna’s friend also showed up so we hung around there for awhile and drank a little. But, we were hungry by then as well, since it was around lunch time. Sooo all of us got out things and went to Pinocchio to pick up some pizza and kebab. On the way there though we passed a place that was selling balloons. Quite amusing little place, I had been wondering where everyone kept getting these random pegasus and ladybug balloons. So Sanna’s friend bought a blue elephant and off we went to Pinocchio.  After that we migrated with our food to Sanna’s friend’s friend’s apartment place(?) and sat outside and ate our food and just enjoyed the sun. It was surprisingly clear yesterday which made for a great day in my opinion! 😀

Theeen we eventually migrated to the river, which is where we should’ve gone all along! I love sitting by the river haha.

Unfortunately all of the stores and stuff are closed so we went from the river allll the way to the train station just to get coffee and use the restroom. It stinks that you have to pay to use restrooms SOMETIMES here, or that there aren’t just little places around to use them, especially on a day like this. The queues were heug. When we left Jonatan went to get some coffee and Sanna and I went back to the river, kind of sucks that I definitely could feel the blisters on the balls of my feet by then because of all the walking that day. But anyway, before we got to our spot at the river again, Jonatan somehow caught up with us. How he managed to go get coffee and still catch up with us is beyond me. Speed zombie is what we’ve decided. Speaking of which, that was definitely the convo of the day. I think Jonatan and I spent a good 10 mins during the whole day just on zombie talk. Haahaha~

Anyway we drank a bit more, chatted and even Suyin showed up! 😀 So after that we walked back to Flogsta and met with some corridormates and all that fun stuff. I noticed then that I had a lovely sunburn on my arms and since I was wearing half-sleeves it will be…attractive Im sure. Hopefully not too dark. Also got burnt a bit on my face, but whatever! So we all hung around until we were allll so tired that we had to go pass out in our beds.

Now I need to get Sanna to send me her pictures from the day so I can upload them too. 😀


Wow.  Just…wow.  Mom and I went down to the city for New Years and let me tell you…Stockholm has Red White & Boom and Time Square New Years beat out in the fireworks department.  The big fireworks are banned in the states, but they’re definitely legal here!  People were shooting bottle rockets and stuff from their hands and I was just waiting for me or someone to get hit with one.  And I really do mean they were coming from everywhere.  Huge fireworks.  I hid behind a pole, behind mom and even behind a bus.  We were standing near Gamla Stan and kind of near Slussen…kind of.  People were crazy though.  One guy shot a rocket straight out to the water instead of into the sky, and it darted across the water, hit a building and it CAUGHT ON FIRE.  Mom got most of that on her video camera, but I think I caught the very end of it…they got it out after a minute or two, but hearing the people scream from across the water was just freaky.  I mean, could you imagine this bright red missile flying at you? Can you IMAGINE?!

There was also this drunk guy there causing a major scene. First he broke a bottle, then he like knocked over a christmas tree thing, then he drug a trashcan to the water and threw it in.  He was about to throw a cart in as well, but some guy tried to stop him and there was a mini-fight but the girls (his daughters I think) tried to break him away from crazy item throwing man.  I think he threw the cart into the water too… Then he went to this old guy and ranted to him, poor old guy missed most of the “real” fireworks from when midnight came.  They were the biggest fireworks I’ve ever seen! Amazing~~!

On the train ride home I almost caught puked on.  Some obnoxious boy was falling over on me and he kept doing those belches that come right before puke.  So I was like pushing people to go, especially my mom.  And NO ONE was moving fast enough.  I really thought I was gonna get puked on, but I managed to get off the train and this guy like fell into the door…he was super duper trashed.  I was really creeped when he was like litterally falling on me…like I felt him all on my back and *shivers* creeeepy!

Anyway I’ll upload videos as soon as I figure out a YT name…