So, momface and I just got back from Italy the other day.  I took some notes while we were there in hopes that I wouldn’t forget parts of the trip or what have you.


First, at Skavsta we had some dramas at the airport because the Swedish check-in people are anal about stupid crap.  We didn’t have our boarding number with us at the time, and yes that is our fault, BUT she had a computer right there. All she would of had to of done was look it up instead of sending us to some help desk when we’re already late-ish because the check-in was giving glitches and all.  Luckily, the lady at the help desk or whatever checked us in even though she’s not supposed to.  So we ran and checked our baggage to a lady that was from Louisville, Kentucky.  That was amusing, then ran to our gate. However, not before some Swedish stewardess lady tried to tell mom she could only have one carry on.  Yes, we know this rule, BUT I don’t think medical equipment counts as a carry on.  So, I glared at them and told them the check-in people had no problem with it! So after saying that to two of the anal Swedish-lady workers, we got on the plane. Funnily, our plane was delayed almost an hour because there was fog in Rome.  I would have been really upset if we didn’t make the plane and we then found it was just chilling out on the runway.  Mom and I couldn’t sit by each other because we were one of the last peoples on the plane, sooo yeah.

Once we arrived in Italy we didn’t even have to go through customs.  Which, confused me because we had to when I went to Scotland and…well…isn’t that strange?  So, yeah no Italy stamp in my passport. How sad.

The first day we just kind of wandered around on our own and saw some unique sights, like the cat sanctuary, which is this little…place of ruins that’s gated in the middle of town…where cats live.  I heard later that they put them there because they were hanging out at the colosseum and people probably didn’t want that.

We ate our first delicious meal at Rosso-something or other.  It was really good, tasted different, obviously…but it was delicious! You can never go wrong with Italian food, especially Italian food in Italy!

We went to Piazza Navona which is a little shopping market thing and it has kind of started to rain by then, but we were just walking and some guy screams at me: “Hey! You lost!  You lost!…You looost!” and I just kind of stare at this Italian guy as I walk on, but I turn around thinking maybe I dropped something…there was nothing there, so I turn back to the guy and he says, “You lost my heart~” with this cheeky grin and wink.  Like, I thought that only happened in movies, so I thought it was pretty funny. Living up those stereotypes haha~

Oh, but speaking of the rain.  There were so many people out trying to sell umbrellas.  It reminded me of the Caribbean with the women going “Braid your hair?! Braid your hair?!” except this time it was “Umbrella?! Umbrella?!”

We went back to our hotel, which was…salmon colored inside haha.  They had super tiny elevators which I imagine would freak claustrophobic people out something serious. The beds were HORRIBLE. They were extremely hard, like you were laying on the floor with no bed and the pillows felt like bags of sand, they were hard and so heavy.  I had neck and back pains the whole week because of that. 😦

That night we also watched the Benjamin Button movie, which was pretty interesting… though a bit sad at the end.


We got up a bit late, even though we went to bed early.  Like 10pm early.  So that was kind of a bummer.

We took the Green Light Tours on the ‘Imperial Rome Tour’ and got to see the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, St. Paul’s Basilica, among other things.  It was really interesting and our tour guide actually knew a lot of stuff.  I amusingly got to brush up on my Japanese since part of the tour was done by a Japanese lady for the Japanese couple on the bus.  Wasn’t expecting that in Rome.

After the tour we went shopping a bit and got a Rome magnet for our magnet collection on our fridge at home. Haha~ Aaand we ate some more fooods and ICE CREAM! (gelato?) Which was the main theme of the week, really.


Mom and I both started to get sick.  We bought some medicine the night before at a pharmacy, but yeah neither of us knew what was in it haha.  I think the city really just…made us catch something.  I’m not sure if that’s what happened for mom, but I know I’m personally used to the fresh air of Sweden and well…Rome isn’t really clean.  It seems like everyone smokes and the pollution is so bad that it’s even screwing up paint on buildings and making the colosseum turn black to put it into some perspective.

This day we went to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, which was sooo pretty!  We also went to the Vatican that evening.  It’s really pretty at night and they still had a nativity scene up and a massive Christmas tree in the center in front of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Went to more shops and wandered some more haha.


We spent the first part of the morning/afternoon looking for Eternity Tours and failed.  So, we took the metro (our favorite form of transportation in Rome) to the Vatican.  We did an audio tour of the museum and this SKANK tour guide, touring a group, freaked out at mom and I because we were looking at a painting she was showing her tour group.  It was RIDICULOUS.  We didn’t know that the 20 or so pictures around the garden (?) were of the same picture, or we wouldn’t have went to look, but they were at the closest one, so we went to it.  Oooh, I wanted to punch her in the throat!  But, anyway! We went to see the Sistine Chapel, which was super pretty…but mom and I don’t really care much for museums, so after we accomplished that we kind of bailed on the “modern” parts of the museum.

So again, we went to the Colosseum and just missed it before it closed…so we didn’t get to go inside aaand that was sad.  Aaand we went to get fooodage and by that time I was feeling extremely sick.  My head was hot, my stomach and throat hurt, it was just no good.  So mom insisted I go back to the roooom, so I went back and just kind of chillaxed, trying to feel a bit better…which was hard on those crap beds! Grrr.  But, it luckily was late by then so I didn’t feel like I was missing too much as mom went off on a bus adventure.


We left the airport yesterday aaand yeah.  The guy who checked us in for Ryanair, totally did NOT weigh our baggage or check our ID or ANYTHING really.  The guys in Rome are super laidback about the rules it seems, unlike the girls in Sweden. Man!  Champino (sp) airport was definitely a cluster though.  So unorganized and ahhh! I miss the queues in Sweden. I love lines. I LOVE THEM.

So, when we got into Stockholm after the bus ride from Skavsta, mom took Arlanda Express to the hotel and I took the 5:11 SJ train to Uppsala. I had to wait about an hour after mom had already left because the trains were all running on holiday schedule I guess?  Because of the epiphany? WTF is that? The first time I ever even heard of the holiday was MAYBE two weeks ago?  And Sweden is soooo ATHIEST what is that nonsense?  I mean in Jesusland USA we don’t celebrate it, but they do here? What the heck?  So, that was annoying, it was also stressful because that meant Uppsala buses were also on holiday schedule. But, I managed to get back to my room and swap out mine and mom’s stuff, then I went baaack to the train station and lucky for me all the trains to Arlanda were on a NORMAL schedule, so I got there by 8 o’clock.  So, yes.  I hung out in the hotel with mom for the night and we watched Mythbusters and talked and stuff…


Then today, we woke up aaand got ready and all.  Had some pastaaa (even though I had half a bowl left…couldn’t eat any more D: ) and said byebye to mom as she went back to the states. Sooo, she should be arriving at around 11ish in Atlanta, and then in Ohio at around 2am.  My time of course, not EST.

So, yes!  I’ve been keeping busy all afternoon and I’m still uploading videos of our trip to my Youtube account.  I need to upload our many pictures too, but I’m worried I’m going to lose them all.  Pray that I don’t. D:


So I don’t know how I read that email wrong for a month, but I did.  I’ve thought for a whole month that it said my mom would get here on the morning of the 23rd.  But, no.  She’s leaving ATLANTA on the 23rd at 7pm and getting HERE at 10:35am on the 24th. So, remember kids. Read and re-read those documents and remember that you’re no longer in the US anymore, even though that’s been the case for about 4 months!

Nope.  I tooootally did NOT was 220 SEK for an adventure to and from the airport.  I did nooot. -_-;;

Thanks Peter for picking up and checking online to see if I was crazy or not and I was. 🙂

At around 2 after I made some delicious spaghetti I went and took a nap.  Because waking up early is NOT fun.