Jenny, Lisa, and I went to a new mall-type place today to go shopping.  It was pretty big and I was amused because there was a coop and ICA inside, which are like supermarkets.  I mean, we have malls, but none of them have like Target, Meijer, or Wal*Mart in it. Haha.

We wandered around a bit and there were a lot of clothes that looked like they may fit me, but I was a bit hesitant to use my swedish card because it had been giving me issues, so I just wanted to find a jacket; buy it, and be done.  So, I found a nice poofy one at H&M.  It was pretty warm and Lisa and Jenny both said that it should be warm enough for winter if I have gloves and a scarf, which I will.  So I bought it! 😀  And it was the first one I tried on, no size drama!

New H&M Jacket

New H&M Jacket

After we left the store we went back into the Uppsala main-town area and looked in more stores, where Lisa bought some stuff and Jenny bought some socks. Haha~  We then decided to get some food! 😀  Well, they both wanted to go to Burger King; which I didn’t think I’d be trying here at all. Considering I don’t really like the chain too much back home, but whatever; not picky! So, we went there…my card gave me more issues, so I told them we had to go to the bank after we ate.  Anyway, the ketchup is waaay different again.  I think for the most part in the states all ketchup tastes the same (like Heinz) but here ketchup tastes like tomato sauce kind of, unless you buy Heinz at the store, which a lot of people do.

Well, we went to the bank afterwards and I told the lady my issues.  She took my card and I guess tested it and said that the black strip-thingy wasn’t working and that they’d send me a new card, which would be here in about 4 days. Well, that’s good!  The whole dealio was much easier than I was expecting.  Hopefully the new card won’t give me crap.

On a random note.  I guess Lisa and co. want a Halloween part of sorts. I don’t really know what to be. If I knew earlier, I could have shipped my Alice outfit or something hahaha~  But now I don’t know, I mean at Halloween Sweden obviously doesn’t have an abundance of costume shops like the US does.  I have black hoodies, I guess I technically could hijack Steph’s card idea. ;p


With lots of stress comes a hint of homesickness. At home things are so much easier, not just from an ‘everything is in english’ standpoint, but just in general things feel easier. It didn’t help that Melissa and I were slightly getting on each others nerves earlier today that we just split up; though we may have found the reason to that later. So, at least that’s taken care of.

First I went to the orientation today at 1with Melissa and David, it was boring and rather pointless to be honest. I’m surprised they listed it as mandatory when we’ve already gone over much if not everything that was mentioned there.

We then went to Varmlands to get some brochures and info on student groups and nations. After that Melissa split off with some California kid she was talking to on the internet and I went off with Aleksandra (from Bulgaria) and Caitlin (from University of Illinois). We registered for banks, or I should say I did. For some reason if you’re here only a semester you cannot register for a bank account. At least not a checking account with a card. You may be able to at other banks but at Nordea you cannot do that. I registered at SweBank, and I was able to get my account and all that jazz set up because I’ll be here for a year. So, I’m going to wire or withdrawl money (whichever is cheaper) and put it into my Swedish bank account to pay the rent, that’s really all I’m going to use it for.

However, I need to figure out how to get my financial aid because MyPurdue is ridiculously confusing, and I can’t call and ask about it because long distance charges via phone are silly. So, my mom may have to take care of that from the state-side.

We also went and got bus passes, which will make a ride 15sek instead of 30sek, which is kind of expensive.  1 dollar is about 6.45 sek.  I thought it would be more complicated to get one, but it wasn’t thankfully.  I really need to get a bike, but the used ones are mostly bought up I believe.

So, anyway after that we went to the International Office and I turned in my pink Basic Swedish form. I’m excited to take that class, because I may not learn MUCH; but I at least won’t feel bad because I’ll be able to attempt at speaking the language. I feel so bad just going up to people and speaking English; especially older people because it appears that if you’re over the age of 30 you don’t really know any English, or if you do – you’re not willing to help out poor exchange students. Not that I blame the natives, it’s their country; I should be speaking the language. It just makes me feel bad and really frustrated that I can’t communicate to them well.

After that we went to Norrlands Nation and got burgers and fries. They were yummy, but Caitlin and I felt so ridiculous because we were trying to read the signs, and then our credit cards were being difficult, and then well…bad luck! But, in the end it came out okayish. We talked a bit and then decided to leave, and as I thought. We can’t go one day here without rain. So it was raining and I forgot my hoodie and my umbrella back at Flogsta. Well, okay it was more like “mist-raining” but regardless by the time I got back to Flogsta I was pretty soaked.

So from the bus stop to Flogsta, all less than 20 minutes I did two stupid things which made me feel like an idiot, so I just wanted to go back to my room; shower and be done with the day. So, I get back to my room and I think the Swedes all have some friends over, I don’t know, I just came back to my room. But anyway, earlier today Aleksandra said she saw some people with a shower head coming into my room when I was out to fix my shower. Well, I was expecting it to be fixed and expecting a nice shower. So I see that my shower curtain was moved so I’m all “Yay!” and then I go check…and NOTHING is fixed. It’s still super broken and the thing won’t go up on the pole and the back half is still broken off. I don’t know if they thought my complaint was just about me not getting water out of the pipe or what; because that wasn’t my complaint at all. I think the lady wrote “Shower Broken” in swedish on my complaint paper and I asked her to mention that it wasnt the water or anything that it was just the shower head not staying up on the pole, and she’s all “Nono, don’t worry about it. They’ll see what’s wrong and fix it.” Well, obviously not. So, that just angers me and continues to compliment my already sour mood.

I’m pretty tired so I figure I might as well write this up, talk to some people and head to bed early. I’d really like to bug Bear², but I think he’s out with friends and and stuff. So, yeah. Haha, he’s probably super annoyed with me bugging him, though he says he’s not. O’well~!

So, I think I’ll do some crosswords and get to bed.