I don’t know how I forgot to write about mine and Lisa’s birthday party! We had one on the 14th of March to celebrate both mine (March 2nd) and her (March 7th) birthdays!

It wasa lot of fun and basically a birthday party for 5 year olds, because we didn’t want to get old! Lisa and Suyin whipped up a lot of tastey things for fika, chokladbollar will forever be the best desserty food. Aaand Suyin’s mousse-chocolate-raspberry things looked like candles..it was amusing. So it was definitely random and Lisa’s friend Anna was there who reminds me so much of Renee…well by appearance anyway, not in personality. It was kind of creepy! Aaand Josefin, Jenny and Peter were also there. 😀 Jenny got me this annoying pink bird that I bothered everyone with aaand Lisa and Peter got me this adorable cute pink bear <333 Loved them~ So much pink!

We then proceeded to play childish games like pin the tail on the donkey, crazy dangerous chocolate game, and we had a fish pond later that evening as well.  Suyin actually used the Flip video camera my mom got me for Xmas to record some of the antics. Here’s part of pin the tail on the donkey and the dangerous chocolate game.

This game basically involved rolling dice. If you got a 6, then you had to put on a scarf, hat, mittens and use a fork and knife to cut out a piece of chocolate. But, you had to do this while everyone else rolled the dice as well. So, if someone else got a 6, you had to stop and hand over the item to them. This goes on until the chocolate is gone~

We watched Open Season 2, which I must say was quite hilarious! I was surprised, I didn’t watch the first one…but this one was amusing. I could see Hallie liking a movie kind of like that haha. In the evening we also played some Mario Kart and watched Melodifestivalen, which is basically the show which chooses Sweden’s contestant for Eurovision which begins in May. Eurovision is KIND OF like a full on Europe version of American Idol, except Eurovision has been around longer…I bet AI was stolen from it. Anyway, this really famous (I guess?) opera singer won by singing a french song. Very strange, considering she will be representing Sweden.  It was a really amusing show. Throughout it though we were being silly and talking, eating candy from the “fish pond”, throwing these balloons filled with flour that had faces on them.  Speaking of which, I exploded one of those on me. It was sad. SUPER SAD.

=> Some random antics during Melodifestivalen. 😀

And if you wanted to see the Eurovision contest winner go here:


Yesterday Melissa went on an adventure to find bikes.  We took the bus into town and went to ABBA, but they didn’t have any used bikes; only bikes you could buy for 1500sek and he said at the end of the year he’d buy them back for 500 sek, so really we’d only be paying 1000.  It still seems pricey to me, but they’re new bikes.  So, we decided to look around more because Melissa didn’t have that kind of money on hand.  We ended up walking two miles or so (I don’t know it was LONG is all I remember) to some other bike shop that had bikes going for like 6,400!  I was like wtf.  So, we obviously didn’t buy anything there; they apparently don’t sell used bikes there either.  It’s nearly impossible to find a bike here, we should have bought them last week when used ones were still available. But, no.  I wanted to wait and get a bike with her because I didn’t want to be rude or anything.  It’s no wonder why bike theft is so common here, you can’t really find a used bike at all.  So, if someone is stupid enough to to leave their bike unlocked, it deserves to be stolen.  Melissa and I passed a few on our way to the bike place and you have no idea how tempting it can get to take a bike.  But, we were both raised well; so of course we didn’t steal them…but I can’t lie and say the thought didn’t come into our heads many many times.

We were going to go to some other things as well; like sign up for nations, but stuff came up so we went back to Flogsta instead.  I’m still debating between V-Dala who has a really nice international committee by the sounds of it; or Snerikes which seems fun and interesting and has a PINK CASTLE!  Oh, the choices.  All the nation buildings look pretty old except for V-Dala, which is kind of sad. :<

Later in the evening I went over to Flogsta 4 for David’s little birthday gathering.  It was a lot of fun and I hope he enjoyed it as well.  He made the best pizza I have ever tasted and Melissa made some pretty good spaghetti as well.  There were also cinnamon rolls made, not like the ones at home, but still pretty good.  But, man the homemade pizza was the best.

At 10pm we all went out to the balcony and screamed.  Since I’ve been here it’s been the first time I’ve taken part in this tradition.  Doing it by yourself I don’t think would be much fun, but when you’re with a group of people acting ridiculous, it’s more entertaining.  So yes, the Flogsta Scream takes place at 10pm EVERY night.  There are 2 legends going around that I hear the most about.  Most of the time people say the scream happens to release exam anxiety, others say it started in remembrance of those who jumped out of the buildings here and died.  I think people just wanted something to scream about.