So after my class today with the teacher who basically hates me, I went into town with Per and Suyin.  Which was good, because for the past week I’ve been getting more and more depressed.  I think the darkness dealio is starting to sink in and it really makes for some depressing days.  In the winter back home, I may occasionaly get depressed at night, but here it’s like I start the day off being sad.  And then the sun starts setting around 2-something, and well…it’s just sad!

But, yes.  So, I asked Per and Suyin to hang out with meee for a bit because of that and because I miiiss them. Haha~  So yes, we went into town and they finally have all the Christmas lights above the streets up, so everything looks really pretty and festive.  In Stora Torget they have these giant Christmas packages with holes in them and when you look inside there’s some…scene going on.  Like one had a table with a rocking chair and a Christmas tree…it was kind of random, but whatever. Better than nothing!

We went to Class Ohlsson, since Suyin insisted, and I bought a little Christmas treeee and some wintery things for my window.  This means I can take down my halloween decorations from my window, but they’re staying up on my walls in the room, because without them it would be bare and that is DEPRESSING.

Aaand yes. So then we went to MAX, which is this Swedish fastfood dealio (I think it’s Swedish?) and got foood cause Per and I were pretty hungry.  But while we were sitting there, these little punkass kids came and were being OBNOXIOUSLY loud.  They were foreigners too I might add.  So, this swedish girl told them to shut up because they were being ridiculous and the boy (who was probably like 12) called her a racist.  Here I was thinking crap like that only happened in the states!  So, later she asked them to be quiet again and the boy called her a skank/slut/etc…the PC term is probably prostitute, but whatever.  If I were able to speak Swedish I would’ve said something and if I were in America, I would’ve said something.  Freaking brats.  So, as they’re leaving/getting told to go, this boy like kicks the chair at the girl. I’m like, “SERIOUSLY?” and then this little brat girl comes a long and kicks her chair as well.  The Swedish girls’ group was just rolling their eyes at them, and told them to shut up because she was on the phone.  It’s funny seeing 11 year olds try to be badass.  It fails.  But, I’m honestly surprised the Swedish girl didn’t turn around and backhand those kids.  I would have or I would have at least stood up and caused an even bigger scene.  But, I guess you’re not allowed to hit people and stuff here like that…according to Per.  They kept leaving the building and coming back, so one of the girls’ friends (who is an employee) came and locked the door so they couldn’t get back in through that enterance, haha.

So after some more drama they eventually leeeft and we were able to eat in peace…and stuff.  Per was just kinda sitting there so I reached over and pressed on his stomach with my arm, it wasn’t even like a full on hit…but I guess I knocked the wind out of him aaand I felt so bad!!!  But his face looked really funny according to Suyin.  Aweh, I really felt bad though, buuut he doesn’t hate me so that’s good rofl~

Oh! Aaand I think I’m going to Gävle to see giant goat time on Saturday with Ingrid and co. 😀

How’s that for random trains of thought? 😀


Today was my choir’s Christmas concert.  It was a lot of fun.  I wore this velvety red dress that I bought yesterday, I also bought a red shirt to go with my black pants-like-things incase I didn’t like the dress anymore.  But yes, chose the dress.

I had to be there at 2 and it was at the little church next to the massive one. Haha.  The concert started at 4 or 4:30, I was surprised at how many people showed up.  I actually got kind of nervous at first, I haven’t felt that nervousness since standing on the marching band field waiting to go to set one. Oh man oh man.  It quickly poofed though.  I think we did pretty well and I especially loved Amelie’s solo songs.  She has an amazing voice!

If anyone posts videos or something on YouTube I’ll try to remember and post them up here. 🙂