Just popping in to say I never thought I would talk about facebook, blogs, LARPS, RPGs, World of Warcraft and some other things in a class.  Like seriously talk about them. It was definitely interesting and kept my attention haha~


Last week I started my new set of COM classes. It’s already much better than the previous class I was taking. This professor not only appears to know what he’s talking about, but he also shows that he at least has some passion in teaching.  Not to mention, he’s quite funny.  The last set of classes were so unorganized and bland that it hurt to go to class, this new guy is a lot more entertaining and has a much better teaching style. I actually feel like I’ll get something out of this class.

And today I got some free food! I was heading to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich when Matthias (the German boy that came back) offered/told me he was going to make me food.  So, of course I wasn’t going to say no.  I at least helped with cutting onions, potatos, and mashing the potatos, both normal and sweet.  So, I didn’t feel bad because I put some effort in too.  I’m really a horrible cook.  But, luckily our mashed mixed potatos and the salmon with yummy sauce was delicious.  Definitely much better than a peanut butter sammich!

So, I got up early today because I planned with my group members in IMCS to meet up at 9.  So, all was going well until I apparently got on the wrong bus.  At Flogsta, the only buses that really come this way are bus 2 and 22.  This morning I apparently had the fortune of getting on bus 21.  I didn’t even realize there was another bus that came to Flogsta, probably because those times are so irregular.  So, I wasn’t paying attention and I probably would have if the whole bus stop didn’t get on this bus. The bus turned right instead of left at Rejkaviksgatan and that should have been my first clue. But no…I thought, “Maybe there is some kind of construction and this is detour?” Then we passed a bus stop and  I thought the sign said “2” as well so I was still comfortable. But then…we started to get really out in the boonies. I figured by then that I clearly was not on the right bus and I kept seeing bus stops for 21.  I had hoped that it would get near town, but when I could see the castle and the cathedral off in the distance I realized that wasn’t going to happen.  So I jumped off in the middle of nowhere after asking some girls on the bus which bus went into town.  They said 110, 115 and 20.  So, I managed to catch 20 and went to Centralstation, got off and then got bus 5 whichI realized stopped at Ekonomikum aaand finally got off there.

Sooo chaotic. So, by then it was already going on 10, our class starts at 10:15. I felt sooo bad! On the bus I also remembered that I wasn’t going to be having class in the same room as last week, so that stressed me out. BUT! Luckily as I was walking in the door, my group was turning the corner and yeah.  So, I explained to them and said sorry annnd all of that stuff. Vanessa said it was alright though because they were hving issues with the printer for like 30 mins and didn’t really get to talk either.

On a good note, we kinda rocked our presentation. Especially without practicing beforehand! 🙂

Well, once again I’ve been neglecting this journal.  I like to have long and meaningful posts, but I don’t know…I really should just write, regardless of how entertaining it is.

Well, my professor is in New York for the week or something to discuss the election (he should’ve taken me back! Though I have nothing i really want to do in NY so… lol) so my classes were all canceled/re-arranged and I’ve had the past week off basically.  It’s amusing because Purdue was also on their October break.  But, mines longer. Bwahaha~  I should have been thinking about my project and reading more for the class, but I’ve been lacking motivation to do so.  The great thing about American universities, is that generally you can attend a lecture and get most of the information you need.  In Sweden, most of the information you need is in the book, and you have to pull it out and figure it out yourself.  The professor will do some kind of commentary, but really there isn’t really anything new brought to the table in my opinion.  I’ve been a note-taking fiend in my classes, but that obviously doesn’t help, because I got a C in my first class.  I haven’t had a C at all since I’ve been in college, so it’s kind of disheartening.

Well, today I planned to meet up with Ingrid on Tuesday and we’re going to plan a trip to Lappland, Kiruna and all to do all the northerny activities like possible dog-sledding and fun things like that!  I’m mostly excited to see the northern lights.  If I get up there, and I don’t get to see them for the whole trip, I’ll probably be really disappointed because that’s what I want to see the most.  We’re thinking of going either late November or earlier December.  I’m already going to Scotland in early November, so I’m hoping early December for Lappland-adventures.

Well, today I went to Gästrike-Hälsinge (GH) nation with Per, Suyin, Peter, and Josefin.  I was debating for a bit this afternoon if I wanted to go, because I’ve felt pretty lazy lately.  But, I sucked it up and decided to just go. I’m happy I did, because I enjoyed myself, like I always seem to do. :p

It mostly consisted of sitting around talking and taking goofy pictures and what not.  Peter mocked me and my waaater, what’s wrong with my water?  Just because everyone has acquired the taste for beer, and I haven’t. Maaan~  At least Suyin stood up for me and my water!  Though, I know Peter was just kidding, so it doesn’t bother me.  Not like real beer-pressure or anything. lol~ I personally love GH’s fries.  So yummy, but I’m sure they’re super fatty too! I don’t want to gain back weight I’ve lost maaan~

Josefin wanted a different kind of beer so eventually we left to go to Gotlands nation.  Per had other plans to go to another party (which he invited me to ❤ XD But that would prob. be awkward, don’t know anyone except him lol) sooo we split off and the rest of us went to Gotlands.

Playing with wax @ Gotlands Nations pub

Playing with wax @ Gotlands Nation's pub

I didn’t realize where Gotlands was until we got there.  It’s such a cozy little pub, I think I had the most fun playing with the candle wax like a 5 year old and learning how to say “Shut the hell up!” in Swedish, “Håll käften för helvete” (or something) because there were these annoying loud people who decided to show up there.  So sad for us!  We left there and went to Smålands Nation because it was so loud.

At Smålands I ended up trying to order ice cream in Swedish, and it would have worked but they didn’t have any ice cream left so the guy kept saying, “We don’t have ice cream anymore.” in Swedish and after like 4 “vaaa?”‘s and him repeating himself I eventually said in English, “Oh, you don’t have ice cream?’ and he was alll, “Lol. yeah, We don’t have anymore ice cream.” To which I ordered “Ostkaka” which is cheesecake, which is NOTHING like American Cheesecake.  It’s really rich and uhm Peter says it has like pretty much no cheese in it, but it has lots of eggs? Lol~  I don’t know.  It was alright, half of it was super good, the other half not so much.  I couldn’t finish it all either.  Either because I was stuffed or because it was so rich.  Josefin also let me try some of her drink.  It was Raspberry-Licorice flavored something or other.  So I had a sip and to my surprise it wasn’t too bad.  It didn’t taste anything like alcohol and I was more surprised that I wasn’t grossed out by the licorice flavor.  I hate licorice usually.  Like black jelly beans.  I finally found out who they make those nasty things for; the swedes!

After that we all ended up going home.  I took the bus back to Flogsta with Josefin and Peter and at my stop I went to the door and the bus driver shut it on me!!! And since it was a double-bus I tried to yell, “HEEEY!!!” but no one heard me, Peter and Josefin tried too. Lol~  It was okay though, I just got off at Flogsta Centrum which is right infront of the ICA, so not that far away or anything.  I needed to work off some of that food from the night anyway.  :p

Finally things are looking up.

I went to class today, the final “real class” of history.  I’m thankful for that and thankful I finished my stuuupid paper.  I was so scared when Dag looked at it and was all, “You want to turn just this in?” and gave me this “are you serious?” look.  Luckily! He was just joking. ooohoho~ Don’t do that! :O

After that I went to this kebab-pizza-place and got some pizza with SuYin~ =9 I couldn’t finish the pizza though, even though they’re thin..it was still TOO MUCH!

Aaand after that I went to choir practice and it was nice~  It’s amusing though because everything is directed in Swedish so during directions I try to pay attention to hand gestures and guess what’s going on. Haha~ Well, we’re singing some swedish and latin songs.  But, some of the swedish songs are ABBA songs, but I think they’re parodies of some sort.  Unless the swedish version of these songs are “dirty” hahaha~  I also got tested at the end of rehersal, even after the director told me to sing 1st soprano today so one of the girls wouldn’t be alone, since I didn’t know what I was for sure (I just assumed 2nd) but anyway, yes after rehersal I was tested via piano and I guess I can be 2nd or 1st soprano.  Though this Stella song is a bit difficult to sing if I do 1st soprano, but I guess it’s hard for the all-the-time 1st sopranos too.  SO, the director said I could basically pick if I wanted to be 1st or 2nd soprano.  She also said since it’s my first time doing choir in a LOOONG time (lol 4th grade) that if my voice develops and i feel more comfortable in one or the other (if I didn’t pick it) that I could switch.  So woohooo! ;DD

It’s kind of strange though, I think I have a lower talking voice compared to most girls…but I can still hit those high notes bahaha~

Oh, and before I switch topics: I might go on the choir weekend trip in October.  It should be fun, and it’s 100SEK cheaper for me since I’m a new member. 😀

And the better news of the day was a message mom sent me on skype, probably when I was either at class or practice~

“we pulled pa-pas breathing tube yesterday and he is doing well. He is all happy and talkative and kept me awake all night chatting….which is better than the alternative (not breathing at all).
[1:25:18 PM] Dee says: I have had NO sleep so I am going to lay down…nighty night  :)”

^– YAY!  I’m so happy he’s doing well off the vent.  I mean, that doesn’t fix the cancer.  But, it made me so happy to hear that he’s able to talk and all that stuff.

Taking it back to a few days ago, I went over to Ingrid’s in Kantorsgatan, which I took the bus to get to because it was like…way over there. But, anyway I went over there and met up with some of her other friends and we’ve become the “Baking Nation” though possibly a different name soon because I think we’ll do more than bake.  But anyway, we had a lot of delicious food that Ingrid made and also that Miriam and Judith made as well.  Everything was really delicious, which is almost always the case when I don’t make it haha~

After the gathering Britta and Ingrid went to SNerikes to dance and such, while Miriam, Judith and myself went back home.  They live in Rackersbergatan (sp?) so they waited by the bus stop with me until my bus came, which I thought was nice ❤  Both of them are super nice girls, and I can’t wait to hang out again haha~ Miriam is from Germany and Judith is from Austria, so both of them somehow made me remember junior year of HS and our trip to Germany and Austria. Fun times~ 🙂 Fun sober times. Haha.

Jumping ahead a bit, on Wednesday I ran into Suyin and Per in the street.  Both of them are in my class so we chatted for a few minutes and exchanged emails, numbers, and all that fun stuff!  It was funny when I got home, Suyin and I talked on MSN as if we’ve known each other for years haha~  So, the next day we all sat together in class and Suyin invited us to go get fika with her friends, sadly Per couldn’t come, but I went! 😀  So I met her friends: Peter (who reminds me of Jim!) and Jenny~  They were so welcoming and I didn’t feel awkward at all, I really really enjoyed hanging out with them!  Suyin paid for my cake, since they all insisted that I eat haha~ And ice cream is free with cake! I was so surprised! I’m really happy I met Suyin, it’s almost like she’s adopted me haha~ I’m her little international student loool! We made plans to go over to Peter and Lisa’s (Peter’s girlfriend) apartment for a BBQ the next day (Friday).

After much talking and amusing stories, Suyin had to catch the train (or was it bus?) back to Stockholm and I walked back to Flogsta with Jenny and Peter since they live in the little apartments under the tall buildings I’m in.  Peter took us through the scenic route, so we went through little neighborhoods and such that I hadn’t seen before. It was so pretty!  When we got to Flogsta they told me to continue up a path since they were at their apartments.  Aaand I trusted them so I did, and I ended up coming in through an enterance near building 12 and 13, I didn’t even know there was an enterance there!

Anyway! Yesterday was the “BBQ” that didn’t really happen haha.  Suyin told me ahead of time that it was just going to be goofing off and movie times (which is fine with me!) so I ate some oatmeal; lost track of time and was like 10 minutes late meeting her at the ICA. @_@ I really shouldn’t start talking to Jonatan in the kitchen when I’m on limited time. Haha~ I always tend to drag him into convos that amuse me. XD

So, we bought some candies at the ICA.  I found out the night before that Suyin really likes red vines, I had no idea what that was so I google’d it and it’s just TWIZZLERS.  Little does she know my mom loves those as well, so maybe mom can send up a package and I can give her some haha~  She also liked some other candy, but I can’t remember what it was.  I just know twizzlers was one of them.  Anyway, she got some candy rope and I got some Ahlgrens Bilar, which are candy cars…I guess they’re marshmallows (nothing like marshmallows though!) and a CHOCOOOLATE bar with some m&m like candies inside.

Then we walked over to Peter and Lisa’s apartment.  I was so amazed when I walked in! I’m so used to seeing crappy looking student housing things, very bland and very basic, but their apartment looked like a real home.  I can’t really describe it, but it felt SO nice because it seemed like a home…where you know people live.  Haha that sounded kind of redundant, but whatever.  We had some blueberry muffin flavored coffee (yeah you heard me! It wasn’t too bad, It smelled like blueberries but the taste wasn’t very blueberry like haha) and we watched Music & Lyrics first.  After that we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or is it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Whichever the new one is with Johnny Depp!  I realized while watching that it could have been so much better if at least ONE time they would do the original Oompa Loompa song!

Suyin; who adopted me! XD

Suyin; who adopted me! XD

After that we watched a bit of Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno! :O  They weren’t super new, but only maybe about a week old! I was so surprised to see them on tv, with swedish subtitles haha~  We all talked a bit, and there may be a trip to Scotland in the future!  Lisa lived there for 3 months so she said she could show us all around~  I’m surprised they’re letting me in on this if they do it. 😮  It would be so much fun!!