Last week I started my new set of COM classes. It’s already much better than the previous class I was taking. This professor not only appears to know what he’s talking about, but he also shows that he at least has some passion in teaching.  Not to mention, he’s quite funny.  The last set of classes were so unorganized and bland that it hurt to go to class, this new guy is a lot more entertaining and has a much better teaching style. I actually feel like I’ll get something out of this class.

And today I got some free food! I was heading to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich when Matthias (the German boy that came back) offered/told me he was going to make me food.  So, of course I wasn’t going to say no.  I at least helped with cutting onions, potatos, and mashing the potatos, both normal and sweet.  So, I didn’t feel bad because I put some effort in too.  I’m really a horrible cook.  But, luckily our mashed mixed potatos and the salmon with yummy sauce was delicious.  Definitely much better than a peanut butter sammich!


I really should get back in the habit of taking pictures wherever I go.  I’m back in that habit of not taking pictures in fear of annoying people or because, “I can get that shot later.” No good!

I got the wedding invitation to Lisa and Peter’s wedding in June, so looks like I won’t be heading home until June 14th at the earliest, since their wedding is on the 13th and I do intend on going. 🙂  It’s so shocking to get an invite to a wedding here, with people I’ve just met.  It’s amazing how close you can get to people within such a short amount of time.

In other news, the weather was crappy last night so Miriam and I decided against going to Stockholm today.  Sadly, this morning the weather wasn’t so bad so we could have gone to the Christmas market.  Instead, we went to see a lecture by one of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize with Lisa (not the one getting married) and Wiebke.  His presentation was really interesting, but sadly most of it was chemistry lingo, and I haven’t had a chemistry class since junior year of high school.  Lucky for me he had pictures in his presentation, so I did know what was going on even without understanding the hardcore langing.  He basically is trying to be able to detect cancerous cells in mammals with a type of flourecent lighting that will be more accurate in finding and detecting all cancer cells, instead of using say your eyes or an MRI which have a higher possibility in missing something.  Currently they’re just working on mice, but who knows, maybe in the near future it’ll be up to humans. 🙂

After the presentation Miriam and I went to ICA and got some cooking ingridients, went back to her place, and baked!  The cookies were really good, German cookies.  We also made some other treat with apricots, almonds, and chocolate.  Both were really simple and didn’t seem that hard, even I can do it!  Especially the apricot dessert one.

Aaand now I’m back home and doing laundry. Fun.  Too bad the laundry room is kind of flooded and super slick by the door.