Yesterday was pretty busy!  I went to my first class which is an American Studies class.  I needed core credits for Purdue, and I figured it’d be nice to get a new perspective on how things are taught over here.  I need a history, politics, and ethnic diversity class for Purdue; so this program gives me all 3 of those plus American Media, which I don’t really need…but whatever!  So, I get to the class and I’m the only one who doesn’t speak Swedish so because of me the class is taught in English haha.  I kind of felt bad and I really hope people in there don’t think I’m in there for an easy A.  I haven’t had an American history class since 4th grade, my high school one mostly talked about WWII so that hardly counts.  It was kind of sad actually.  Dag (I think we call our professors by their first names here) asked a question and laughed and told me not to answer.  I’m happy he didn’t just pick on me to answer, because truth be told…I didn’t know the answer, and two of the swedish boys did! Haha~  How sad is that?  Perhaps I’ll know more in the politics class, but history is not my forte.  So through most of the class I didn’t really say much unless I was asked something, there’s something about being from the nation you’re studying and you being the only one from there…or the only exchange student in there in general, that makes it hard to speak up.  I’d rather just listen to what people have to say and I want people to speak there minds, I’m afraid that now that they know I’m American (my accent gave it away during the introductions — they thought I was french before I spoke lol) they won’t speak their minds.  I don’t care if they have nothing to say but negatives; I want everyone to be able to freely state their mind without worrying about how I would feel.  Not that I’m saying they do, but I wonder if they are more cautious now.

After class I went to find the bookstore by Uplands nation since I needed a textbook: “A History of the United States”by Philip Jenkins.  Sadly after several minutes of looking I asked the lady and she said they didn’t have it in but they were hopefully going to get a shipment in from England of English books and stuff tomorrow (today now). So I left. It kind of stinks to not have this book though because I’m supposed to have chapter 1 read by tomorrow and chapter 2 by Thursday. 😦

Then, I went to ABBA since Melissa texted me earlier and said my bike was finished.  So I went there, and I asked for a red bike the day before (Melissa wanted green), but it turns out I didn’t get my red bike.  Instead I got a black and gold one; which is even better!  I get to show my Purdue spirit here too! Haha~  So, I walked with the bike a bit since we were in a part of town where it didn’t seem like you were supposed to ride your bike.  Well on the way home I noticed my bike making this horrible sound when I pedaled. So, I either need to figure out what that is or I have to go back to ABBA to get my bike fixed. Aiiish. No good.  As I was talking about it in IRC, Peter gave me a site of bikes for sale in Uppsala.  It kind of irritated me, because it would have been nice to have that BEFORE I bought a bike, especially since so many bikes were under 1000 crowns. *cries* :<  Oh, well.  Most new bikes here were more expensive than mine, but it kind of sucks because my bike doesn’t have any gears either…so I it sucks to go up hill, especially because my legs wont fully extend when I pedal unless I stand up…and I”ve never mastered the trade of stand up pedaling.  Woe is me.

So, on the way back from the bike place Melissa called and her and Mattia were making lunch and invited me over to eat…soo! I went to Mattia’s place in Flogsta 5 and we had such a good meal.  As Melissa said, never question an italian’s cooking.  The whole thing was very basic, but it was so good. I’m not even really sure what it was.  It was some kind of smaller rice and it had cucumbers, tomatoes, and cauliflower in it.  Mattia later added in an egg, which I think also added to the yummy flavor.  After that I left there and went to head back into town for the V-Dala welcoming bash for new students.

This is where I had my little meltdown the first day.

This is where I had my little meltdown the first day.

So, on my way to V-Dala I decided to take a picture of my rock since my mom really wanted to see it. :p  This is the rock I sat on the first day I was here where I was having a mini-meltdown and Mattia came up and talked to me…followed by several other exchange students (Hannes, Melissa, Emma, and Genevieve).

So, anyway.  I went to V-Dala and we were all split up into groups, first exchange students and swedish students, then our exchange student group was split up.  I was amazed at how many people were there, and it was only NEW people…I mean there are other people in the nation who have been there awhile and obviously did not show up.

First we were given a tour of the building.  It was a bit chaotic, I don’t think they realized that so many people would show up.  I really felt bad for anyone who might have been even mildly claustrophobic. I may check out the library there later and see if my American History book is in there since I couldn’t find it earlier. I don’t think they will, but maybe.  I may check out the university and city libraries as well.  I really hate to spend money on a book I’m going to use for 4 weeks and that I know I won’t crack open ever again, not even in the states.

After that we got our table and such upstairs and then I went around and checked out the clubs.  I signed up for a few.  Sadly there’s a meeting for the International Committee tonight, but I already made plans with Ingrid for dinner a few days ago…so I don’t want to bail on that.  SO yes I signed up for V-Dala’s International Committee, the culture club, and I may go audition for the choir as well.  I’ve never sang by reading music.  I can read music for clarinet, but if I have to read on paper that could be troublesome.  I’m very good at singing by ear though, so if I hear the tune once I should be fine. 🙂  I also showed interest in the Uppsala Association of International Affairs, which holds debates and lectures and stuff, several in English.  And I also got a pamphlet from the Blåsorkester & Balett (the band and the dancers) so if I ever get a clarinet (either my own or Mattia’s or someone elses) then I’d really like to go join them.  I asked if I could join for winter semester since my clarinet isn’t here now, and she said definitely I can join whenever.  First I asked if clarinets were even allowed and she said of course and that they needed them I believe.

After checking out the groups I went and sat down at the table.  The hall was so huge and the whole setting kind of reminded me of Hogwarts, lmfao!  So, they gave us food and the different groups went up and either talked or did well…what they do!  For example the choir sang, the theatre group did a skit (that was funny but then kinda dragged on), and yeah!  My favorite was definitely the Blåsorkester and Balett, it was so entertaining and there was only ONE girl playing clarinet! There were 3 flutes, I think 4 saxes, and some brass people as well.  Very very small group, but still looked like a lot of fun! I really miss playing my clarinet and it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve played a note so I’m sure my chops are horrible and my tone will be horrible, but I can work up to being okay I think eventually. 🙂

After the festivities, Matthias and I headed back home since we both live on the same floor.  Haha, it was kind of funny though half way through he decided to push me, kinda like how John did for me when the pedal on mom’s bike was falling off.  But, the only reason he did this I think was becuase he was sick of hearing the sound of my stupid bike. Haha~ It was pretty amusing.  So, yes I got home and had a nice shower and talked online for a bit, hoping that mom or someone would get on skype, but no one did. :<

So, today I have plans to go to Ingrid’s later and have some dinner.  It should be nice, I haven’t seen her in a few days and she was fun to hang out with last time.  I found out she joined SNerikes, as did some other people I talked to…I really hope I made the right decision in picking V-Dala over SNerikes. =\