This afternoon I ended up spending several hours in the kitchen again talking to corridormates. Mostly Jonatan, but also Jesper and Alex.  I don’t know why, but when that happens, it’s like…one of my favorite parts of the day haha~  So, Jesper let me use his left over spaghetti for lunch so I didn’t have to make my own! =9 Yumyum~ It was all healthy and whole wheat too. (Not that it matters, I totally counter-acted that later) But yeah~  Stayed in the kitchen after that and talked with Jonatan a bit who ended up drawing all over the place; on newspapers, himself, and then me. Lol~  I should know better than to let people write stuff on me, because for some reason pen ink is always so hard to get off my skin! ><  But yeah, he was all “So, do you want matching best friend tattoos?” and I was amused so I said yeah. So, we all had “BFF” written on our wrists.  Such dorks~ XD

At around 7:30 I went over to Jenny’s for the “shrimp & wine party”. Though, there was no wine.  Which is fine with me, because I don’t like alcohol.  The alcohol-free cider was yummyummy though!  So was the shrimp, until I got…a PREGNANT one!  What the heck is it with me and getting pregnant seafood?  This happened in Las Vegas too with the crayfish.  Freaking nasty! :<  So I ripped off it’s head and was all, “This feels more squishy that the others.” Then I looked at it’s underside and noticed tons of little red balls, that looked like caviar balls. NASTY.  So I was like “aaaghhh!!” and put it down. @_@;  Jenny yoinked it and took off the eggs and ate it though.  I can’t play that game, at least it wasn’t as bad as the green egg stuffs on the crayfish in Vegas. Other than that we also had bread, carrots and brownies.  I swear these girls are gonna cause me to gain all the weight I’ve lost back!  Especially this winter where I’ll be uh…not as active because it’ll be so cold!

We’re also talking about getting costumes for the halloween party. I think everyone has theirs picked out, but I don’t.  I’m so indecisive and the ones I want I can’t get because I guess they won’t ship some of the wings. :< Buuu!  But yeah I need to find something at sometime soon.  But, what?!