So, I met up with people on Wednesday for “Waffle Wednesday” at ÖG nation.  It would have been great, except they ran out of waffles!  So instead we all left and went to Norrlands and ate there~ Yummy blueberry-type cheesecake!  So, I met 3 new people that day~!  Wiebke (Germany), Lisa (Germany) and Su Yeong (Korea). We all plan on meeting up next Wednesday at ÖG in hopes of actually I dunno…getting waffles!

On a different note.  Today I made some pasta, but before that I knocked a glass off the drying rack and it shattered in sink.  I picked up all the big pieces and then noticed small shinies in the sink, I didnt know if it was glass.  I poked it and realized it was; however I didn’t notice that there was some still stuck to my finger. So I unknowingly rubbed my fingers together and slice, stupid glass cut me. :< Sad times!  My karma is AWFUL lately, I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such crap-karma.

In political news.  I was talking to my mom on Skype earlier and she informed me that Palin’s e-mail was “hacked” and I guess O’Reily had his panties in a twist (can’t stand him).  I however, didn’t realize it was someone from 4chan that did the hacking.  I just found that out a few minutes ago from a friend, who also told me the password she was using was her postal code.  What an IDIOT.  She was also using a yahoo account for government business, which is also rather silly.  I saw a few screenshots of some e-mails.  Let’s just say she types like a 13 year old; and people honestly want her to be 2nd in command? Seriously?  Possibly first, McCain is rather…old.  Senile too! I can’t believe he’s recently said that the economy was in good shape, like last week I think? I’m not sure, but as most American’s know…when the US bank has to bail out big companies, that means the economy is NOT alright.

I sense some platform changes coming about.  Hopefully there will be some shift from the Iraq war to I don’t know, ISSUES AT HOME, like the ECONOMY.  At least Obama has been on that already.  Thankfully.  Though it sucks that we’re basically going into ‘Depression 2.0’ (though the media apparently fails to say anything about a Depression, or recession for that matter…I guess they don’t want to enduce panic and would rather everyone just think everything is OKAY, when it’s not.), but with that McCain seems to be a bit clueless on his stances; especially about the economy doing well remark.  He seems to be fumbling a bit and dropping once again in popularity.

I can’t wait for the debates. McCain and Obama should be good, but Biden will clearly trample Palin.  Can we switch in Tina Fey for Palin in real life?  I think Tina Fey knows more about foreign policy and what’s going on in the world than Palin does.

Wow, this was going to be a short post…and it ended up a bit longer than I had planned!