Jenny, Lisa, and I went to a new mall-type place today to go shopping.  It was pretty big and I was amused because there was a coop and ICA inside, which are like supermarkets.  I mean, we have malls, but none of them have like Target, Meijer, or Wal*Mart in it. Haha.

We wandered around a bit and there were a lot of clothes that looked like they may fit me, but I was a bit hesitant to use my swedish card because it had been giving me issues, so I just wanted to find a jacket; buy it, and be done.  So, I found a nice poofy one at H&M.  It was pretty warm and Lisa and Jenny both said that it should be warm enough for winter if I have gloves and a scarf, which I will.  So I bought it! 😀  And it was the first one I tried on, no size drama!

New H&M Jacket

New H&M Jacket

After we left the store we went back into the Uppsala main-town area and looked in more stores, where Lisa bought some stuff and Jenny bought some socks. Haha~  We then decided to get some food! 😀  Well, they both wanted to go to Burger King; which I didn’t think I’d be trying here at all. Considering I don’t really like the chain too much back home, but whatever; not picky! So, we went there…my card gave me more issues, so I told them we had to go to the bank after we ate.  Anyway, the ketchup is waaay different again.  I think for the most part in the states all ketchup tastes the same (like Heinz) but here ketchup tastes like tomato sauce kind of, unless you buy Heinz at the store, which a lot of people do.

Well, we went to the bank afterwards and I told the lady my issues.  She took my card and I guess tested it and said that the black strip-thingy wasn’t working and that they’d send me a new card, which would be here in about 4 days. Well, that’s good!  The whole dealio was much easier than I was expecting.  Hopefully the new card won’t give me crap.

On a random note.  I guess Lisa and co. want a Halloween part of sorts. I don’t really know what to be. If I knew earlier, I could have shipped my Alice outfit or something hahaha~  But now I don’t know, I mean at Halloween Sweden obviously doesn’t have an abundance of costume shops like the US does.  I have black hoodies, I guess I technically could hijack Steph’s card idea. ;p