Last night we had our own little Thanksgiving here in Sweden.  Megan and Claire put it together, two girls from the University of Illinois (Big Ten in the house haha).  It was fun to speak with Americans again though.  You don’t realize how much slang and such you use on a daily basis that people who aren’t American won’t get, I don’t know how many times here I’ve had to go “Heh, nevermind.” because of language differences, even in English.  So the people there were: Me, Ingrid (Florida!), Megan (Illinois), Claire (Illinois), and Megan’s siblings who were visiting(also Illinois). But that’s not all. We also had Ian (Canada), Emilien (France), and Inca (Australia).  Funtimes!

Thanksgiving in Sweden

Thanksgiving in Sweden

We had a very “traditional” Thanksgiving meal, and with ham! No turkey~! Haha.  Though the green beans had parmesan cheese on them instead, what can we do?  And Ingrid’s pie wasn’t our Americany pumpkin pie because Sweden just doesn’t have the things to create such a pie.  So, it was a pumpkinishy pie. Hey, at least it was orange!  It was better than pumpkin pie too.

After eating we all went into the hall and attempted to learn Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” dance moves again.  The ones the swedes seem to know from the nollning.  But, we got further this time.  We’ll have it down soon. I’m sure of it!

It was a great night and pretty warm too (haha I’m calling 40 degrees warm now).  It wasn’t the same as being at home, but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

Also, it’s definitely winter here.  It’s been dark for awhile now but to put things in perspective.  It’s 4:30pm right now and it’s pitch black outside.  It’s still going to get darker earlier too.


After class today I got a monthly bus card, since I have a feeling I won’t be walking or biking in ice/snow.  It’s a bit chaotic and I think the card will easily pay off itself. >>  So yeah, I got that down in town with Per and Suyin.

After that I met up with Ingrid and we got some food at Cappucino Cafe, since Linnea was full.  I had some yummy pasta with salad that I couldn’t finish cause my stomach was like aaargh. After that we went and looked for shoes and pants, I actually ended up getting a pair of jeans and black socks at KappAhl.  I really like that store for some reason, even though this is my first purchase from there haha.  The jeans were pretty nice, they fit nicely if I don’t gain anymore weight rofl.  I don’t have to wear a belt with them, which is so strange for me now haha~

After a bit of shopping we went back to Kantorsgatan where Ingrid lives and hung out a bit.  The girl in her room before left some clothes and stuff, which I took.  Finally someone who is my size? Heck yes!  She left rain boots of some kind that are luckily my size, a hoodie, a white H&M long sleeve shirt, and a super swedish shirt for a pub here called Harry’s, lucky for me there is a bar back at Purdue called Harry’s as well. Amuuusing~  So yeah, I snagged that stuff, like free thrifting haha.  But there were other things that she left that were just…weird…like a razor and uhh…what we think is lubricant cream stuff, we were trying to figure out what it was by reading the back and then we came across the word “kondom” and were like “OH MAAAN~ *washes hands!*”  haha it was kind of amusing.  XD

After that we watched Shrek 2 with swedish subtitles, because we could.  We were going to go to Värmlands and club for a bit, but it started getting pretty late and instead we tried to learn the Uppsala-nollning dance version thingy to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  It was semi-successful, we’ll have to observe more next time we’re out at a club. Or Ingrid said she may just have a friend she knows who knows it do it, and record it.  Then we’ll know, and we’ll rock it out too. XD

And to finish the night off I slid about a meter on the ice, without falling though, leaving a nice mark in the snow.  Oh man, it’s only November!!