Last night my power definitely went poof at around 9pm.  First I thought my new amazing heater blew a fuse, but nope it was my whole building.  Actually, it was this whole side of the loop.  But, building 11 and all of the buildings on the other side of the loop only got a slight glitch.  So, I went to the kitchen and talked with my corridormates a bit, a snowball fight of like…300 people were outside and that was fun to watch, I probably would have went out if I hadn’t already gotten ready for the night.  Theeen at around 12 Alex got his laptop and we watched Chapelle Show.  Yeah…lol.  According to the girls in class today it didn’t come back until around 7am this morning.

Speaking of class.  I went out to catch the bus and it never came.  Like there could have been three bus 2’s that went by before my actual bus 2 came.  I was kind of sad about that.  So, I was late for class…but whatever.

After class I got food with Suyin and Per and then we went to the movies.  It’s weird, you like get “assigned seats” or something.  Like a play, definitely different.  And the Uppsala theatre is so tiny.  The chairs are kinda squashed to the back wall only a few, and yeah.  It was strange, but okay haha.  We went to see Twilight.  I’ve never read the books, I’ve heard from many people that they’re amazing, but people who think like me have called it a “really bad fanfiction”.  Well, the movie was at least entertaining, though extremely corny at parts.  I chuckled at times I shouldn’t have, but it wasn’t too bad I guess.

Then I went to catch the bus home and I saw this cute little old lady walking towards me.  I tried to avert my eyes so she wouldn’t come asking me questions in Swedish.  Well, she came anyway.  Haha~  So she asked me something that I completely didn’t understand so I’m just like, “Jag talar inte svenska” (I don’t speak Swedish) and she goes, “Huh?” then realizes what I said and starts chuckling trying to ask again in Swedish, and this other lady answered for her.  After about 30 seconds, the old lady is still standing really close to me.  And she looks up at me and starts talking in Swedish some more.  So, I try to listen more carefully and I basically had a really broken conversation with her.  I could get most of what she was saying, but I didn’t know the words or phrases to answer, that’s always my problem.  But, I still tried with my broken Swedish and mix of random English. Haha~  Oh, not to mention the accidental German before I realized I was saying the German word for something and not Swedish…so that was…amusing, but at least I could quickly change that.  But yeah, our conversation consisted of her asking where I was from, and I said USA, and she was all, “Oh you understood me?” in Swedish…and I understood that too so I kept nodding and going “ja ja ja” and she kept asking the question until Im like. “*BIG NOD* ja!” she was so cute.  And then she said more stuff in Swedish like if i spoke English, which is an of course haha.  But she said, “English…I speak…English….little little.”  She was so adorable~! Haha.  And then she said it was cold and I was like in broken swedish again something like, “Yeah it’s cold.  I live in Ohio. Ohio is cold too.” Then she asked if it snowed, and I was like oooh yeah. Oh my goodness.  But, it was so bad SO BAD for me haha~  But I at least tried.  And yeah.  So she asked how long I’ve been here…I think.  And  said 3 months and she was amazed and then asked when do I go back to the US…I think.  So I answered June, and she was all amazed and stuff. Oh man I couldn’t get over how she was all cute and amused.  I’m actually really happy she spoke with me, it really made me feel better, like I’ve at least learned a tiny bit, even if it’s really crappy broken Swedish.  She was so cheerful when she had to leave so she was all like, “Oh, bus five is here!” and then in english she like bounced away with, ” byyye bye!” haha so cute!

So yes, I was pretty proud of my Swenglish skills.  Though after I said I didn’t speak any Swedish, she still kept asking everything in Swedish, which amused me.  But I am happy I could answer.  I guess I can understand a bit more than I thought…

Amusing times!


After class today I got a monthly bus card, since I have a feeling I won’t be walking or biking in ice/snow.  It’s a bit chaotic and I think the card will easily pay off itself. >>  So yeah, I got that down in town with Per and Suyin.

After that I met up with Ingrid and we got some food at Cappucino Cafe, since Linnea was full.  I had some yummy pasta with salad that I couldn’t finish cause my stomach was like aaargh. After that we went and looked for shoes and pants, I actually ended up getting a pair of jeans and black socks at KappAhl.  I really like that store for some reason, even though this is my first purchase from there haha.  The jeans were pretty nice, they fit nicely if I don’t gain anymore weight rofl.  I don’t have to wear a belt with them, which is so strange for me now haha~

After a bit of shopping we went back to Kantorsgatan where Ingrid lives and hung out a bit.  The girl in her room before left some clothes and stuff, which I took.  Finally someone who is my size? Heck yes!  She left rain boots of some kind that are luckily my size, a hoodie, a white H&M long sleeve shirt, and a super swedish shirt for a pub here called Harry’s, lucky for me there is a bar back at Purdue called Harry’s as well. Amuuusing~  So yeah, I snagged that stuff, like free thrifting haha.  But there were other things that she left that were just…weird…like a razor and uhh…what we think is lubricant cream stuff, we were trying to figure out what it was by reading the back and then we came across the word “kondom” and were like “OH MAAAN~ *washes hands!*”  haha it was kind of amusing.  XD

After that we watched Shrek 2 with swedish subtitles, because we could.  We were going to go to Värmlands and club for a bit, but it started getting pretty late and instead we tried to learn the Uppsala-nollning dance version thingy to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  It was semi-successful, we’ll have to observe more next time we’re out at a club. Or Ingrid said she may just have a friend she knows who knows it do it, and record it.  Then we’ll know, and we’ll rock it out too. XD

And to finish the night off I slid about a meter on the ice, without falling though, leaving a nice mark in the snow.  Oh man, it’s only November!!

Taking it back to a few days ago, I went over to Ingrid’s in Kantorsgatan, which I took the bus to get to because it was like…way over there. But, anyway I went over there and met up with some of her other friends and we’ve become the “Baking Nation” though possibly a different name soon because I think we’ll do more than bake.  But anyway, we had a lot of delicious food that Ingrid made and also that Miriam and Judith made as well.  Everything was really delicious, which is almost always the case when I don’t make it haha~

After the gathering Britta and Ingrid went to SNerikes to dance and such, while Miriam, Judith and myself went back home.  They live in Rackersbergatan (sp?) so they waited by the bus stop with me until my bus came, which I thought was nice ❤  Both of them are super nice girls, and I can’t wait to hang out again haha~ Miriam is from Germany and Judith is from Austria, so both of them somehow made me remember junior year of HS and our trip to Germany and Austria. Fun times~ 🙂 Fun sober times. Haha.

Jumping ahead a bit, on Wednesday I ran into Suyin and Per in the street.  Both of them are in my class so we chatted for a few minutes and exchanged emails, numbers, and all that fun stuff!  It was funny when I got home, Suyin and I talked on MSN as if we’ve known each other for years haha~  So, the next day we all sat together in class and Suyin invited us to go get fika with her friends, sadly Per couldn’t come, but I went! 😀  So I met her friends: Peter (who reminds me of Jim!) and Jenny~  They were so welcoming and I didn’t feel awkward at all, I really really enjoyed hanging out with them!  Suyin paid for my cake, since they all insisted that I eat haha~ And ice cream is free with cake! I was so surprised! I’m really happy I met Suyin, it’s almost like she’s adopted me haha~ I’m her little international student loool! We made plans to go over to Peter and Lisa’s (Peter’s girlfriend) apartment for a BBQ the next day (Friday).

After much talking and amusing stories, Suyin had to catch the train (or was it bus?) back to Stockholm and I walked back to Flogsta with Jenny and Peter since they live in the little apartments under the tall buildings I’m in.  Peter took us through the scenic route, so we went through little neighborhoods and such that I hadn’t seen before. It was so pretty!  When we got to Flogsta they told me to continue up a path since they were at their apartments.  Aaand I trusted them so I did, and I ended up coming in through an enterance near building 12 and 13, I didn’t even know there was an enterance there!

Anyway! Yesterday was the “BBQ” that didn’t really happen haha.  Suyin told me ahead of time that it was just going to be goofing off and movie times (which is fine with me!) so I ate some oatmeal; lost track of time and was like 10 minutes late meeting her at the ICA. @_@ I really shouldn’t start talking to Jonatan in the kitchen when I’m on limited time. Haha~ I always tend to drag him into convos that amuse me. XD

So, we bought some candies at the ICA.  I found out the night before that Suyin really likes red vines, I had no idea what that was so I google’d it and it’s just TWIZZLERS.  Little does she know my mom loves those as well, so maybe mom can send up a package and I can give her some haha~  She also liked some other candy, but I can’t remember what it was.  I just know twizzlers was one of them.  Anyway, she got some candy rope and I got some Ahlgrens Bilar, which are candy cars…I guess they’re marshmallows (nothing like marshmallows though!) and a CHOCOOOLATE bar with some m&m like candies inside.

Then we walked over to Peter and Lisa’s apartment.  I was so amazed when I walked in! I’m so used to seeing crappy looking student housing things, very bland and very basic, but their apartment looked like a real home.  I can’t really describe it, but it felt SO nice because it seemed like a home…where you know people live.  Haha that sounded kind of redundant, but whatever.  We had some blueberry muffin flavored coffee (yeah you heard me! It wasn’t too bad, It smelled like blueberries but the taste wasn’t very blueberry like haha) and we watched Music & Lyrics first.  After that we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or is it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Whichever the new one is with Johnny Depp!  I realized while watching that it could have been so much better if at least ONE time they would do the original Oompa Loompa song!

Suyin; who adopted me! XD

Suyin; who adopted me! XD

After that we watched a bit of Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno! :O  They weren’t super new, but only maybe about a week old! I was so surprised to see them on tv, with swedish subtitles haha~  We all talked a bit, and there may be a trip to Scotland in the future!  Lisa lived there for 3 months so she said she could show us all around~  I’m surprised they’re letting me in on this if they do it. 😮  It would be so much fun!!