So, generally I don’t pay attention to these things and I especially don’t pay attention to the O’Reilly Factor. That show spins things so much it makes MY head spin. But, Yahoo brought to my attention a little feud between Jessica Alba and Bill O’Reilly. I don’t pay much attention to stars, but of course the word “Sweden” got my attention.

Does Bill O’Reilly honestly think that Sweden isn’t a neutral country? HONESTLY? Everyone here would tell you otherwise, as would most people around the world. Way to make yourself look even more like a dumbass Bill. Whether she “meant” to say Switzerland or not, I don’t think she meant to say Switzerland at all. To be honest, when I think of neutrality I think of Sweden before Switzerland as well. Aiiish~

If Sweden is doing anything it would be a few troops MAYBE: removing mines, destroying weapons, searching for weapons at checkpoints, protecting the red cross, and helping people build up a working society. This hardly counts as being UN-neutral. And even then it’s as a part of the UN forces.

Sweden has had ~230 years of NO war.

Here’s the video to reference what I’m talking about:

Just had to get out that little rant.


I got back from Scotland last night at around 10:40pm, I sadly forgot my building key on my desk here so I had to call Aleksandra to let me in.  Which is extremely lucky, considering my battery was already screaming at me for being too low.

Well, we left for Scotland on the 5th of November.  Talk about exciting!  I had just stayed up the previous night pretty late, watching the election.  Crossing my fingers in hopes for Obama.  My county first went blue, then my state went blue, and I was going to go to bed then, but shortly after the whole country was called for Obama.  It was amazing and it’s been awhile since I’ve felt this sense of national pride, like we actually did something CORRECT for once.  Something that will better not only us, but hopefully the whole world.  I really want the US to restore ties with the rest of the world and hopefully remove that awful stupidity stigma.

We took a train to this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere, because Ryanair flies to there aaand then we were off to Edinburgh.  We got in pretty late and got kind of settled into our hostel (High Street Hostel).  After some bed-drama anyway.  I still feel bad about whining about where I was sleeping, but everyone who knows me I don’t do well with strangers and heights…so putting those two together were ultimate doom and really made my anxiety rise.  Luckily Peter was kind enough to swap spots with me, I’m happy he did.  (Though I did shot gun bottom bunks before we got there…so that made me angry at first when no one listened…)

We wandered around a bit like down the Royal Mile to the palace at the bottom of it, we would explore the main castle on another day.  It was pretty late unfortunately so many places were closed and we went and ate at McDonalds.  Now, it’s strange.  Like, Sweden to me has these ritzy upper class ridiculously nice McDonalds.  In the US McDonalds are mediocre, you don’t expect anything great when you get there.  But, in Scotland this McDonalds was absolutely crazy and such.  There was no place to sit and the guy claimed they didn’t have any ketchup.  I was like, “What the heck? How can they have no ketchup?!” especially when Jenny had some on her burger.  Ridiiiculous!  I think the guy was just LAZY and didn’t want to get me any.

The next day Suyin and I got breakfast downstairs in our hostel, it was a bit pricey.  But there was this awesome news paper laying on one of the benches.  So many newspapers were talking about Obama throughout the week there.  But this headline made me smile.

President-Elect Obama approved by the World

President-Elect Obama approved by the World

For lunch that day, we went to this restaurant that had DELICIOUS macaroni and CHEEESE!  I’ve been craving it for a week or so now, so I was exceptionally excited to get my bowl of yummy macaroni and cheese. Deliiicious~ Definitely made up for all the pains (Stupid Suyin!!) I had been dealing with. ><;;

Jenny, Suyin and I also went on a tour of the dungeons.  Which was fake, it may have given some history, but it was mostly for fun with people dressed up and an amusing mirror maze.  I totally ran into a mirror, one would think when you see your own reflection in front of you, you wouldn’t continue walking forward.  They also had a fake jury dealio in the beginning so I was one of the “lucky” few to get called up to the stand and the guy just asks random questions so he’s all “What’s your name?” “Nicole.” “What?” “Nicole.” “Nicole, eh? …Where…are you from?”  “…The united states…” “GUILTY!  Punishment is being sent back to that country. Guilty!”  It was amusing, I must say…rofl.

We did several tours on this trip and I think Friday night was one of the haunted ones we went on.  It actually kind of creeped me out, the lady gave real history and took us into real cellars and dungeons and such.  I actually was a bit scared then.  It was a bit amusing because Suyin was scared during the totally fake one we went on the day before, but the more realistic one she was fine on.  What’s wrong with us? Haha.  Well, at one point some guy jumped out and people were freaked out and screamed, jumping back, knocking into poooor poor Suyin and making her fall on her but. Haha~

Delicious chocolate sandwich ice cream thingy!! I got it at a restaurant called Chocolate Soup. Which means, you know its going to be filled with chocolatey goodness!

Delicious chocolate sandwich ice cream thingy!! I got it at a restaurant called 'Chocolate Soup'. Which means, you know it's going to be filled with chocolatey goodness!

After our scary Friday night, we went to a place called Chocolate Soup, which serves basically everything chocolate. It was AMAZING.  So chocolatey and I felt sick afterwards, but it was worth it!  I definitely recommend people go to ‘Chocolate Soup’ because it is absolutely amaaazing!

Saturday was one of the most exciting days.  We took a 12 hour trip to Loch Ness and the Highlands.  The pictures I took don’t even begin to show how beautiful it was.  My pictures make it look more gloomy and grey than it really was.  The greens and such were so vibrant in person and it was truly amazing.  I’ve never seen a place so beautiful before.  Our tour guide was also pretty rocking and hysterical.  His name was Kenny and he works for Haggis Tours/Adventures/whatever. (See Kenny, I’m giving you a plug if you ever see this!)  He was full of information and wasn’t boring with explaining things, which was great.

We saw so many things.  The highlands, Hamish (hairy coo/cow), castles, Lochs, etc~  It was allll so entertaining.  I even got a phonestrap here (though not my last one haha) of Hamish, and it’s cute!  Here’s a picture of Hamish for you as well.  Isn’t he cute with his emo cow bangs?



It was definitely a fun trip.  I especially liked the castle ruins for some reason, probably because it was like a little playground haha.  I felt like I was five.  The ruins were right off the coast of Loch Ness, which was hard to enjoy when we were on the boat because it was so windy and cold.  Couldn’t look for Nessie while shivering to death! Haha~  The ride home was also informative but many people were starting to crash, myself included.  I remember waking up to this song called “Business Time” and well… “If I have the socks on, you know it’s business time.  These are business socks.”  Rofl, or something like that.  It was a ridiculous song.  And I totally didn’t know Snow Patrol was Scottish either!

Later that night Suyin and I went to explore by ourselves and we got delicious MUFFINS and matching phone straps and other lame things.  But, dude I love my new phone straps.  I actually bought 2 of them.  One is Vanrogh bear and another is the orange Beijing Olympics mascot, Yingying.  Both of them light up when someone calls or if you get a text message (or if you shake them around a lot rofl).  So I came to Scotland with 0 phonestraps and I’m leaving with 3, what’s wrong with me? Lol.

On Sunday we went to Edinburgh castle which was super pretty and fun.  I kind of want to live there and it’s weird, I felt like I had been there before.  But, it seemed like more of a military-type base than royal-ness.  Like there were more things shown about about the knights and guards and all that stuff there.  Really nice though.  I don’t know, something about it felt eerie, but I still really liked being there.  It was really nice and beautiful. My camera died shortly after. 😦

Later that night I met with my friend Russell and we hung out and didn’t really do anything haha.  Basically just talked and wandered around.  It was fine though~  I like doing that kind of thing haha.  The worst part though was definitely how ridiuclously windy and cold it was.  It made it hard to do anything and you kind of wanted to stay put, you know?

Aaand on Monday night we went came back home to Swedenland!

I realized I didn’t talk about our hostel-mates(?).  The first night there we had a Canadian roomie and an Indian roomie.  Both were really nice, and we met them randomly at Whiski (a pub place, that has yummy french fries I might add!) one night which led to amusing conversations haha~  Those were the only ones really talked to, but we also had some frenchies for a night, some guys from New Zealand one night, and the last night we had a couple from Korea and some creepster from Oxford that tried to give Jenny some bible versus that Lisa threw away. Rofl.

I went to Stockholm today with my politics class.  I arrived at the train station a bit earlier than the others.  I was a bit worried though, because I hadn’t checked my e-mail this morning, and rarely am I the first person anywhere so…  But, yeah.  Stefan eventually showed up and we went to try and purchase my ticket from the machines (since it’s cheaper than going to the people at the desk and buying them).  Of course, it’s me, so there was naturally some complication.  I tried to put my card in and it said the card wasn’t valid, so I tried my US one and it said the same thing.  Then we both  realized (when he went to purchase his) that he went and pushed the “buy ticket” button first instead of you know…just putting the card in.  So, anyway!  When purchasing tickets make sure to actually “buy the ticket” by doing all the steps like location, studentness, etc etc, THEN put in your card.  We broke the machine for awhile too.  It for some reason went “out of order” after our 3rd screw up.  Rofl.

So, I don’t want to imagine taking the trains by myself.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m still trying to figure out how they work.  But, anyway~  All of us (being Stefan, myself, professor A., and the turkish girls) went off to Stockholm.  We met up with Per and Suyin in the terminal and theeen we went to the subway.  Which is lucky for people in the Stockholm with magic cards that work, unlike the rest of us who had to go buy paper tickets.  I tried to follow Per and Suyin for about a second before I realized they had the cards since they’re both from Stockholm.  Though, technically I’d say Suyin isn’t. ;p

Anyway, after that we went to the lecture place and listened to a seminar by a professor from Rutgers, our professor, and 3 other commentators.  It was interesting, especially Brian Palmer who showed video clips of ads and whatnot from Youtube. Fun stuff.  The seminar was more on how the campaign was going in the US though, not really about deciding factors in it, which is what I think it was supposed to be.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  They had treats and stuff in the lobby-like area before we went in for the seminar.  And there was this homeless guy.  Or, well, maybe he wasn’t homeless but he certainly looked it.  We (Suyin and I) assumed he was up there maybe getting some food or something.  Well, Per and I got to talking aaand we needed to throw our trash away so I saw this bag, right?  Well, the bag had newspapers and an empty coffee cup in it.  It looked like trash, and since it was the only bad I saw, I assumed it was.  So, I through my trash in there and Per did with his shortly after.  But, right when Per did, the homeless-like guy picked up the bag and stuff.  And we realized, it was actually his bag, and it now had our trash in it.  It was so embarassing and we couldn’t stop laughing about it shortly after and later on in the evening.

After the seminar people were invited to go to the pub for more Q&A with the commentators.  Yes, you heard me right.  Go to the pub, get some drinks, and discuss politics.  Highly encouraged by the staff.  Never in the states would you see your professor ask you out to like Harry’s or The Cactus to discuss a seminar. Never.  I was definitely amused, but we decided against it.

So, Suyin, Per, Kim, and myself headed back to Stockholm city via the subway again.  Which was an adventure.  The subway was packed, we had to stand, and were squished like sardines this time, definitely more crowded than before, when we had seats available.  But, I guess it was around rush hour so, I imagine this is what it’s like in New York and Japan on the subways/trains as well haha.  I’m just thankful to say that I have double jointed shoulders, because I was holding onto a pole above my head and by the time we got to our destination it was definitely behind me, because of all the pushing.

So, we all went to Taco Bar for some food.  Which is a classier Taco Bell IMO.  Funny thing though, definitely more calories at Taco Bar than at Taco Bell I believe!  So, I got some yummy nachos and fanta. yumyum~  We talked a bit, and Kim is actually going to Maryland for Thanksgiving to visit his girlfriend.  See they can pull off the long distance thing well, and it’s so cute and I’m jealous, because I want to go home for Thanksgiving too. Rofl.

After that we went to the trains station again, because Kim and I had to get back to Uppsala.  We talked outside with Per and Suyin before our train left, which was probably a bad idea in the long run, because we ended up having to stand in the door-way between cars because there were no more seats on the train.  Which I also got completely OWNED by the guillotine-like door.  Some lady came through, looked me straight in the eyes, then pushed the “tryck” button.  Causing the door to violently slide open and knock me to the side, it felt like my elbow broke for a good 30 seconds.  It freaking hurt!  Then she just acted all apologetic and stuff.  Haha, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she thought that by pushing the button the door would open inwards and not slide to the side.  As there was no warning of this.  But, I bet she knew all along. 😦

Towards the end of the trip Kim and I managed to snag some seats after people left.  We talked a bit and eventually made it to Uppsala centralstation and went back home.  I missed the bus again though so I had to wait about 17 minutes for the next one, which was sad, but okay.

I don’t know why it feels extremely late.  It’s only 10:30 now, but it felt 10:30 when we were sitting at tacobar, and that was only 6:30 or something.  I bet it’s the darkness, tripping up my senses!

So, I met up with people on Wednesday for “Waffle Wednesday” at ÖG nation.  It would have been great, except they ran out of waffles!  So instead we all left and went to Norrlands and ate there~ Yummy blueberry-type cheesecake!  So, I met 3 new people that day~!  Wiebke (Germany), Lisa (Germany) and Su Yeong (Korea). We all plan on meeting up next Wednesday at ÖG in hopes of actually I dunno…getting waffles!

On a different note.  Today I made some pasta, but before that I knocked a glass off the drying rack and it shattered in sink.  I picked up all the big pieces and then noticed small shinies in the sink, I didnt know if it was glass.  I poked it and realized it was; however I didn’t notice that there was some still stuck to my finger. So I unknowingly rubbed my fingers together and slice, stupid glass cut me. :< Sad times!  My karma is AWFUL lately, I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such crap-karma.

In political news.  I was talking to my mom on Skype earlier and she informed me that Palin’s e-mail was “hacked” and I guess O’Reily had his panties in a twist (can’t stand him).  I however, didn’t realize it was someone from 4chan that did the hacking.  I just found that out a few minutes ago from a friend, who also told me the password she was using was her postal code.  What an IDIOT.  She was also using a yahoo account for government business, which is also rather silly.  I saw a few screenshots of some e-mails.  Let’s just say she types like a 13 year old; and people honestly want her to be 2nd in command? Seriously?  Possibly first, McCain is rather…old.  Senile too! I can’t believe he’s recently said that the economy was in good shape, like last week I think? I’m not sure, but as most American’s know…when the US bank has to bail out big companies, that means the economy is NOT alright.

I sense some platform changes coming about.  Hopefully there will be some shift from the Iraq war to I don’t know, ISSUES AT HOME, like the ECONOMY.  At least Obama has been on that already.  Thankfully.  Though it sucks that we’re basically going into ‘Depression 2.0’ (though the media apparently fails to say anything about a Depression, or recession for that matter…I guess they don’t want to enduce panic and would rather everyone just think everything is OKAY, when it’s not.), but with that McCain seems to be a bit clueless on his stances; especially about the economy doing well remark.  He seems to be fumbling a bit and dropping once again in popularity.

I can’t wait for the debates. McCain and Obama should be good, but Biden will clearly trample Palin.  Can we switch in Tina Fey for Palin in real life?  I think Tina Fey knows more about foreign policy and what’s going on in the world than Palin does.

Wow, this was going to be a short post…and it ended up a bit longer than I had planned!

Yesterday I went to and had lunch at Linne’s cafe thing in town with Melissa and a girl from Sweden that her University hooked her up with.  But anyway, so we got there and I got ‘lax pasta’ it looked pretty tasty.  But, I probably should have asked what lax was, because it’s salmon…so that makes for a strange pasta.  It wasn’t bad per se; but definitely not something I was expecting.  Melissa’s tasted better, she had crab in hers and she didn’t know it was crab.  I’m not really sure why they put random sea creatures into their pasta here.  Though possibly not all of Sweden, because I talked with Peter and Oscar and both of them were like, “Lol what?” when I brought it up.  Maybe it’s an Uppsala thing.  But, I’m here to try new things, right? So, I guess it’s best I don’t know what the food things say.  Unless it’s meatloaf; that would be nice to know before I eat it.

After that Melissa and I went to two bike shops.  They, like all others, had no used bikes and the newer ones were still more expensive than the ones we could get at ABBA.  So, we were fed up with waiting; as we have classes on Monday, and just went to ABBA and bought bikes, locks, and lights.  It’s kind of a shame that we use all that money on bikes and we probably will end up leaving them here.  I guess I could find a way to ship it back home, I’m sure John would think that was kewl; mom…not so much.  Considering our garage is like a little bike store at home.  You know, I should’ve just sent over one of my bikes.  Then I wouldn’t be having this problem. So yeah, get a bike the first week you’re here, because there will be cheap used ones available.  A few days before class starts and you won’t find anything.

After the bike adventure we went to sign up for Nations. We first stopped at Östgöta nation so Melissa could sign up.  There were a lot of really nice people there and I kind of wanted to join it too, but alas I had already decided on one.  After Melissa signed up we tried to go up to the pink castle, but couldn’t figure it out.  It started to rain a bit so we headed to the nation I joined; Västmanlands-Dala Nation AKA V-Dala.  It seemed a bit less homey there, but that’s okay.  Olivia (a girl in Melissa’s corridor that I met earlier) was the one who helped me register and all that stuff. Haha~  While my temporary ID card was being printed she sent me over to a table to look at brochures about the nation and such.  Well, there was this one basket I thought was candy, so I picked up one…and it definitely wasn’t candy.  So, condoms are wrapped up in long tubes and not in square packages like back at home.  I just kinda laughed and tossed it back in the basket, it was super awkward and I didn’t really see why they had those sitting up there with all the nation information; but whatever. Haha~

I came back home and Mattias was watching TV, I didn’t see what it was until he kinda called at me; “It’s Obama!” so I was like “Huh?” and turned around.  They were showing Obama’s speech from the DNC, so I was pretty excited to watch that.  I really wanted to hear Hillary and Bill’s speeches though, but they didn’t show those. :<

After that I went to the ICA and bought some stuff to make Balsamic Cream Sauce for my pasta.  Or I should say Pablo’s pasta, as he left it in the cupboard when he left, and now I’ve taken it. Bahaha~ I was going to make it last night, but Alex and Jonatan were cooking already in the kitchen…so another peanut butter sandwich was had!

When I came back home, I also noticed that McCain picked a running mate.  A female one at that.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious what he tried to do.  He’s trying to get disgruntled Hilary supporters to his side, because she’s a woman.  Or he could also be trying to make history.  What’s really bothersome though is that most of his anti-campaigns and speeches were about Obama not having experience. Uh, so he picks someone 2 years Obama’s junior?  Good to see that argument go out the window.  It’s also pretty amusing because she’s on investigation right now as well.  Hopefully this tactic won’t work.  The media stated that because she was once in the national guard and because she’s the son of a soldier; that she’s fit to be President or VP.  I kind of lol’d because I think the nation would be in great distress if say my stepbrother Brandon were President, or even several parents of soldiers. :p

The rest of the day/night was uneventful.  I’m getting really sick and my throat is super irritated.  I really need to go get medicine because I already took all of my throat/cough drops from home.  I was talking to Oscar on Ventrilo and I had to cut it off because I went into serious coughing attack mode.  I think because the weather gets colder here earlier, I’m having my seasonal allergies about 2 months in advance.  So, they should hopefully go away soon…I hope.

On a random note;  I really need to see how much it costs/how to transfer money. I’m already late in paying my rent, but they said usually a week late and they won’t charge you extra…which is good.