I got back from Scotland last night at around 10:40pm, I sadly forgot my building key on my desk here so I had to call Aleksandra to let me in.  Which is extremely lucky, considering my battery was already screaming at me for being too low.

Well, we left for Scotland on the 5th of November.  Talk about exciting!  I had just stayed up the previous night pretty late, watching the election.  Crossing my fingers in hopes for Obama.  My county first went blue, then my state went blue, and I was going to go to bed then, but shortly after the whole country was called for Obama.  It was amazing and it’s been awhile since I’ve felt this sense of national pride, like we actually did something CORRECT for once.  Something that will better not only us, but hopefully the whole world.  I really want the US to restore ties with the rest of the world and hopefully remove that awful stupidity stigma.

We took a train to this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere, because Ryanair flies to there aaand then we were off to Edinburgh.  We got in pretty late and got kind of settled into our hostel (High Street Hostel).  After some bed-drama anyway.  I still feel bad about whining about where I was sleeping, but everyone who knows me I don’t do well with strangers and heights…so putting those two together were ultimate doom and really made my anxiety rise.  Luckily Peter was kind enough to swap spots with me, I’m happy he did.  (Though I did shot gun bottom bunks before we got there…so that made me angry at first when no one listened…)

We wandered around a bit like down the Royal Mile to the palace at the bottom of it, we would explore the main castle on another day.  It was pretty late unfortunately so many places were closed and we went and ate at McDonalds.  Now, it’s strange.  Like, Sweden to me has these ritzy upper class ridiculously nice McDonalds.  In the US McDonalds are mediocre, you don’t expect anything great when you get there.  But, in Scotland this McDonalds was absolutely crazy and such.  There was no place to sit and the guy claimed they didn’t have any ketchup.  I was like, “What the heck? How can they have no ketchup?!” especially when Jenny had some on her burger.  Ridiiiculous!  I think the guy was just LAZY and didn’t want to get me any.

The next day Suyin and I got breakfast downstairs in our hostel, it was a bit pricey.  But there was this awesome news paper laying on one of the benches.  So many newspapers were talking about Obama throughout the week there.  But this headline made me smile.

President-Elect Obama approved by the World

President-Elect Obama approved by the World

For lunch that day, we went to this restaurant that had DELICIOUS macaroni and CHEEESE!  I’ve been craving it for a week or so now, so I was exceptionally excited to get my bowl of yummy macaroni and cheese. Deliiicious~ Definitely made up for all the pains (Stupid Suyin!!) I had been dealing with. ><;;

Jenny, Suyin and I also went on a tour of the dungeons.  Which was fake, it may have given some history, but it was mostly for fun with people dressed up and an amusing mirror maze.  I totally ran into a mirror, one would think when you see your own reflection in front of you, you wouldn’t continue walking forward.  They also had a fake jury dealio in the beginning so I was one of the “lucky” few to get called up to the stand and the guy just asks random questions so he’s all “What’s your name?” “Nicole.” “What?” “Nicole.” “Nicole, eh? …Where…are you from?”  “…The united states…” “GUILTY!  Punishment is being sent back to that country. Guilty!”  It was amusing, I must say…rofl.

We did several tours on this trip and I think Friday night was one of the haunted ones we went on.  It actually kind of creeped me out, the lady gave real history and took us into real cellars and dungeons and such.  I actually was a bit scared then.  It was a bit amusing because Suyin was scared during the totally fake one we went on the day before, but the more realistic one she was fine on.  What’s wrong with us? Haha.  Well, at one point some guy jumped out and people were freaked out and screamed, jumping back, knocking into poooor poor Suyin and making her fall on her but. Haha~

Delicious chocolate sandwich ice cream thingy!! I got it at a restaurant called Chocolate Soup. Which means, you know its going to be filled with chocolatey goodness!

Delicious chocolate sandwich ice cream thingy!! I got it at a restaurant called 'Chocolate Soup'. Which means, you know it's going to be filled with chocolatey goodness!

After our scary Friday night, we went to a place called Chocolate Soup, which serves basically everything chocolate. It was AMAZING.  So chocolatey and I felt sick afterwards, but it was worth it!  I definitely recommend people go to ‘Chocolate Soup’ because it is absolutely amaaazing!

Saturday was one of the most exciting days.  We took a 12 hour trip to Loch Ness and the Highlands.  The pictures I took don’t even begin to show how beautiful it was.  My pictures make it look more gloomy and grey than it really was.  The greens and such were so vibrant in person and it was truly amazing.  I’ve never seen a place so beautiful before.  Our tour guide was also pretty rocking and hysterical.  His name was Kenny and he works for Haggis Tours/Adventures/whatever. (See Kenny, I’m giving you a plug if you ever see this!)  He was full of information and wasn’t boring with explaining things, which was great.

We saw so many things.  The highlands, Hamish (hairy coo/cow), castles, Lochs, etc~  It was allll so entertaining.  I even got a phonestrap here (though not my last one haha) of Hamish, and it’s cute!  Here’s a picture of Hamish for you as well.  Isn’t he cute with his emo cow bangs?



It was definitely a fun trip.  I especially liked the castle ruins for some reason, probably because it was like a little playground haha.  I felt like I was five.  The ruins were right off the coast of Loch Ness, which was hard to enjoy when we were on the boat because it was so windy and cold.  Couldn’t look for Nessie while shivering to death! Haha~  The ride home was also informative but many people were starting to crash, myself included.  I remember waking up to this song called “Business Time” and well… “If I have the socks on, you know it’s business time.  These are business socks.”  Rofl, or something like that.  It was a ridiculous song.  And I totally didn’t know Snow Patrol was Scottish either!

Later that night Suyin and I went to explore by ourselves and we got delicious MUFFINS and matching phone straps and other lame things.  But, dude I love my new phone straps.  I actually bought 2 of them.  One is Vanrogh bear and another is the orange Beijing Olympics mascot, Yingying.  Both of them light up when someone calls or if you get a text message (or if you shake them around a lot rofl).  So I came to Scotland with 0 phonestraps and I’m leaving with 3, what’s wrong with me? Lol.

On Sunday we went to Edinburgh castle which was super pretty and fun.  I kind of want to live there and it’s weird, I felt like I had been there before.  But, it seemed like more of a military-type base than royal-ness.  Like there were more things shown about about the knights and guards and all that stuff there.  Really nice though.  I don’t know, something about it felt eerie, but I still really liked being there.  It was really nice and beautiful. My camera died shortly after. 😦

Later that night I met with my friend Russell and we hung out and didn’t really do anything haha.  Basically just talked and wandered around.  It was fine though~  I like doing that kind of thing haha.  The worst part though was definitely how ridiuclously windy and cold it was.  It made it hard to do anything and you kind of wanted to stay put, you know?

Aaand on Monday night we went came back home to Swedenland!

I realized I didn’t talk about our hostel-mates(?).  The first night there we had a Canadian roomie and an Indian roomie.  Both were really nice, and we met them randomly at Whiski (a pub place, that has yummy french fries I might add!) one night which led to amusing conversations haha~  Those were the only ones really talked to, but we also had some frenchies for a night, some guys from New Zealand one night, and the last night we had a couple from Korea and some creepster from Oxford that tried to give Jenny some bible versus that Lisa threw away. Rofl.


I’ve honestly been too lazy, or perhaps too tired to update this.  I figure I better force myself to though, because if I don’t I’ll regret it whenever I get home, right?

Well, it’s pretty official.  I’m going to Scotland from November 5th~10th.  I’m pretty excited and I’ll be going with Suyin, Peter, Jenny, and Lisa~  I hope it’s a lot of fun!  😀  Though it’ll be in November, so we’ll see.  I really hope we get there for fireworks.  Someone said they do fireworks for you know the “Remember remember the 5th of November” or whatever. Haha~

I’m also probably, maybe, going to join the V-dala choir.  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really felt like doing anything other than school work and relaxing.  I didn’t even go to the “test” because I was too tired to ride back into town.  But, the lady e-mailed and texted me that there is a spot open for me if I want it, but I have to go get a test on Monday.  So, I dunno…I guess I should do it, I might as well right?  Practice I think is every monday from 7:30~9 or something like that.  It’s not very long and not very late, but I’m just thinking about how much those hours are going to suck when it gets dark at like 3pm.  Haha~

I’ve just been running around doing stuff lately that I’m honestly just burnt out.  I have a few days off, and that’s good but unfortunately I’ll have to read during those days if I want to keep up and finish this lame book for my history class.

I’ve also started a swedish class, which I may drop.  According to Suyin and Jenny, what the lady has been teaching hasn’t necessaraly been “correct” and I understand that it’s only the 2nd day, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m learning or retaining much from that class.  I don’t know if it’s because by 4 I’m beat, or if I just “don’t care”. Learning German and Japanese has seemed much easier.

Also! The other day I got a postcard from Lauren! My first REAL mail~~! 😀 How exciting.  I was super excited to get it.  I also just got done skyping with mom and she’s going to send me a package.  But she thought it’d be like 10 lbs but it’s like 30lbs.  And there’s a hill.  How is this going to work?  I could try stuffing my bookbag I guess.  I dunno, not complaining. I like mail~ Even if it was super expensive apparently D:

Oh, I forgot to mention that earlier today while messing with my “kick” stand I managed to put a whole into my thumb.  It hurt for awhile, but i can’t really feel it now and it’s all bandaided up, which is good. 🙂  Stupid kickstand.