Spring basically is non-existant it goes straight from winter to summer.  I went to Stockholm with Per this past Saturday and we hung out a bit. It was probably the best day in Stockholm since I’ve been here. Well, out of the times I went. It was dare I say HOT…but I’m pretty sure the temperature when I left said 59 fahrenheit. Since when has 59F ever been hot? Well, hot enough for us to buy yummy lemon sorbet ❤ I haven’t tasted lemon “italian ice” in foreeever. (III- Talian Perface, haha~) It was sooo nice and it was nice to just walk around. We kind of wanted to go to the amusement park but couldn’t. 😦 It was funny, they have a unicorn ride which reminded me of Charlie the unicorn haha~

But anyway, this post was just to state how unbelievably nice the weather was~!  Later that night we went back and I watched Eurovision, because I can’t be in Europe and NOT watch it. But seriously? Norway won? It should have been Iceland, she was really good!

I’ll be heading to Stockholm again on…possibly Friday to hang out..though not with Per, since he’s going to Scotland! This time it will be with Sevfriend and maybe others, dunno yet~


On Saturday I plaaanned to meet up with Peter in Stockholm before he went back to Blekinge~ He had like a 6 hour ferry-train layover so wandering around commensed. 😀 It sucked though because I was super late, I hate trains on weekends and holidays. I was over an hour late, but I would have been on time if Peter didn’t say he was getting in later. Tsktsk~

So, I eventually got there and after much texting we decided to meet at the big hole in the floor. At first I thought it was the one by where gimpy pigeon was, but then I remebered the “main” big hole in the floor in centralstation that was next to the Christmas tree at well…Christmas.  Anyway~! I met up with him, which is funny because I saw him first by his dorky hat and he was facing the wrong way so…you know, I kicked his leg.  Because that is the Nicole-way to greet people! 😀

Through most of this we found out we were directionally challenged and even went to look at that stupid map mom and I looked at. No good! The best thing about this was…it wasn’t awkward or strange at all, at least not to me.  I was completely comfortable and normal.  Rambled and naturally ungraceful. Everything was very…normal!  For awhile we mostly went into random goofy stores after finding “Checkered Square” looking for a gift for his sister or something, which he never ended up buying! Tsktsk~ We went to the SF Bookstore, which actually wasn’t all science fiction. They had some cute phonestraps in there, which would have been nice to know before I bought 3 in Scotland. =_=;  We also went into a store with a different assortment of swords and other…things. Like dream catchers and very uh…suggestive statues. I mean honestly, who would buy a statue like that…? HONESTLY!

I think what I learned from going into these stops is that Iam more of a klutz than I thought, or maybe Stockholm just has random bumps in the ground. Yeah. That’s it. 🙂

Anyway! We were getting hungry, so I decided to call Emil since he should be up by then, probably…right?  Haha, he was, but only for 30 mins.! Sooo, while we waited for him to get ready, we went to a little cafe and had yummy caaake. Cake that is so dense…it’s so tiny, but makes you way too full! And it’s chocolatey~ Yumyumyum~  Mucho dorky convos happened and I saw his Svenska Spel ID which made me laugh cause he had goofy hair. GOOFY I tell you. Like…Bill Gates dorky.

After an hour we called Emil and met him at the emo stairs. Both of these boys are shorter than I thought I might add~ Or maybe my shoes gave me some leverage. 8D Emil is definitly spacey and I didn’t really know what to say by then, so it got quieter. So sad~ We went to the food court due to Emil’s idea. BAD CHOICE. It was crowded and just…ahhh~! Think Tuttle’s food court…compact and with more people and underground. It was like a school dining hall kind of. x_X

So, we talked more and left and wandered more. I like that…haha~ Aaaand then we had to see Peter off to Blekinge at 6:20 something.  Sooo after Peter left,my train wasn’t going to be there until 7:11.  So! Emil and I walked and talked about randomnesss…like the PM getting shot on the street we were walking on, his favorite place to get spring rolls, etc etc~ Raaandomness until I had to go catch my train. 😦

So yes! I hope we play this game again and WHEN we do, it should be nicer out and I’ll take more pictures. I knew I would get in that mind set of only taking pictures a little bit. I should stop caring and just snapsnasnap!!! So yeah! Emil is in Stockholm so I can prob. go bug him whenever I guess aaand Peter is in Visby now sooo that’s closer than Blekinge so uh…yeah! I expect more adventures before I leave~  If it doesn’t happen, oh well…I’ll be back. >=D

I have a hitting problem as well~ But they kept teasing, they deserved any bruises they got. ;p

I know I forgot to post a lot of what happened on Saturday, but it’s 1am now and I’m sleeeepy and have class tomorrow. :<

So, today was supposed to be a good relaxing day in Skavsta, instead it turned into chaos.  Everything was fine and dandy until we got onto the train to Skavsta at 2:40, when mom realized we didn’t have her purse as our bag.  I’m really hoping it’s somewhere on the train.  We jumped off the train and I ran upstairs to central station lobbyland or whatever to where we were sitting in hopes of finding it, no luck.  So, we asked around and asked the infomation people. Nothing.  Mom had that thing glued to her practically so I don’t see how it could’ve gotten stolen but sometime between the benches in the lobby down to the train, it disappeared.  I checked under the seats and I didn’t see it, but maybe it got kicked further or something? I just hope it’s on the train and is found by tomorrow. We need to call and see tomorrow, or I may have someone else do it for me…but yeah, no good.  It had mom’s credit cards, video camera, regular camera, DS, and like 40~60 dollars in US cash and like 100 sek, which isn’t THAT much.  But, still. It scks. We already called and got the cards cancelled and other than that there’s not much we can do.  We finally got to Skavsta at like 7.  We’re still going to Italy still and will use my credit card.  I hope things get better from here on out.  That’d be great.

Oh and the lady at Forex at Skavsta was amazingly nice, seriously 🙂 She should get an award for being so awesome.

Wow.  Just…wow.  Mom and I went down to the city for New Years and let me tell you…Stockholm has Red White & Boom and Time Square New Years beat out in the fireworks department.  The big fireworks are banned in the states, but they’re definitely legal here!  People were shooting bottle rockets and stuff from their hands and I was just waiting for me or someone to get hit with one.  And I really do mean they were coming from everywhere.  Huge fireworks.  I hid behind a pole, behind mom and even behind a bus.  We were standing near Gamla Stan and kind of near Slussen…kind of.  People were crazy though.  One guy shot a rocket straight out to the water instead of into the sky, and it darted across the water, hit a building and it CAUGHT ON FIRE.  Mom got most of that on her video camera, but I think I caught the very end of it…they got it out after a minute or two, but hearing the people scream from across the water was just freaky.  I mean, could you imagine this bright red missile flying at you? Can you IMAGINE?!

There was also this drunk guy there causing a major scene. First he broke a bottle, then he like knocked over a christmas tree thing, then he drug a trashcan to the water and threw it in.  He was about to throw a cart in as well, but some guy tried to stop him and there was a mini-fight but the girls (his daughters I think) tried to break him away from crazy item throwing man.  I think he threw the cart into the water too… Then he went to this old guy and ranted to him, poor old guy missed most of the “real” fireworks from when midnight came.  They were the biggest fireworks I’ve ever seen! Amazing~~!

On the train ride home I almost caught puked on.  Some obnoxious boy was falling over on me and he kept doing those belches that come right before puke.  So I was like pushing people to go, especially my mom.  And NO ONE was moving fast enough.  I really thought I was gonna get puked on, but I managed to get off the train and this guy like fell into the door…he was super duper trashed.  I was really creeped when he was like litterally falling on me…like I felt him all on my back and *shivers* creeeepy!

Anyway I’ll upload videos as soon as I figure out a YT name…

I’ve been pretty lazy at updating this and it’s midnight right now so I still don’t really feel like updating. BUT, my mom is here and that’s super duper exciting~!

We’re currently staying at the Rica Talk Hotel until New Years night, when we go to another place closer to the airport so we can make our flight to Italy on the 2nd. Fun fun!  I’ve had fun here so far, even though the first two days were kind of vegetable days of watching movies.  All the places were closed here so our Xmas dinner consisted of a hamburger…rofl.

Yesterday we met up with Per and Suyin in Stockholm city, our hotel is about a 10 min trainride outside of the city.  That was a lot of fun, because I got to introduce my friends to my mom. 🙂 We took a lot of nice pictures and stuff, which I manged to lose today.  It was pretty devesating actually.  The pictures on mom’s camera were really good and I went to upload them and all the pictures were corrupt.  Hopefully a camera store can fix it, because I couldn’t recover them without them looking all corrupt and stuff.  I have a few from my camera, but they’re not good or anything. Mine were mostly random ones of Suyin, Per and myself being dorks the other day…I was relying on mom’s camera. 😦 Sad-times!

We went to Stockholm city today as welll and I’ve had my first dinner at a restaurant, yummy chicken pasta! I also got some boots and a pink and grey scarf. Pretty pretty~ Hopefully these new boots will be epic and I won’t slip around.  🙂

But yes, I’ll try to keep notes and stuff for the next few days and keep this updated, before everything is meshed together~

Also, apparently my goat burned down. 😦

I went to Stockholm today with my politics class.  I arrived at the train station a bit earlier than the others.  I was a bit worried though, because I hadn’t checked my e-mail this morning, and rarely am I the first person anywhere so…  But, yeah.  Stefan eventually showed up and we went to try and purchase my ticket from the machines (since it’s cheaper than going to the people at the desk and buying them).  Of course, it’s me, so there was naturally some complication.  I tried to put my card in and it said the card wasn’t valid, so I tried my US one and it said the same thing.  Then we both  realized (when he went to purchase his) that he went and pushed the “buy ticket” button first instead of you know…just putting the card in.  So, anyway!  When purchasing tickets make sure to actually “buy the ticket” by doing all the steps like location, studentness, etc etc, THEN put in your card.  We broke the machine for awhile too.  It for some reason went “out of order” after our 3rd screw up.  Rofl.

So, I don’t want to imagine taking the trains by myself.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m still trying to figure out how they work.  But, anyway~  All of us (being Stefan, myself, professor A., and the turkish girls) went off to Stockholm.  We met up with Per and Suyin in the terminal and theeen we went to the subway.  Which is lucky for people in the Stockholm with magic cards that work, unlike the rest of us who had to go buy paper tickets.  I tried to follow Per and Suyin for about a second before I realized they had the cards since they’re both from Stockholm.  Though, technically I’d say Suyin isn’t. ;p

Anyway, after that we went to the lecture place and listened to a seminar by a professor from Rutgers, our professor, and 3 other commentators.  It was interesting, especially Brian Palmer who showed video clips of ads and whatnot from Youtube. Fun stuff.  The seminar was more on how the campaign was going in the US though, not really about deciding factors in it, which is what I think it was supposed to be.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  They had treats and stuff in the lobby-like area before we went in for the seminar.  And there was this homeless guy.  Or, well, maybe he wasn’t homeless but he certainly looked it.  We (Suyin and I) assumed he was up there maybe getting some food or something.  Well, Per and I got to talking aaand we needed to throw our trash away so I saw this bag, right?  Well, the bag had newspapers and an empty coffee cup in it.  It looked like trash, and since it was the only bad I saw, I assumed it was.  So, I through my trash in there and Per did with his shortly after.  But, right when Per did, the homeless-like guy picked up the bag and stuff.  And we realized, it was actually his bag, and it now had our trash in it.  It was so embarassing and we couldn’t stop laughing about it shortly after and later on in the evening.

After the seminar people were invited to go to the pub for more Q&A with the commentators.  Yes, you heard me right.  Go to the pub, get some drinks, and discuss politics.  Highly encouraged by the staff.  Never in the states would you see your professor ask you out to like Harry’s or The Cactus to discuss a seminar. Never.  I was definitely amused, but we decided against it.

So, Suyin, Per, Kim, and myself headed back to Stockholm city via the subway again.  Which was an adventure.  The subway was packed, we had to stand, and were squished like sardines this time, definitely more crowded than before, when we had seats available.  But, I guess it was around rush hour so, I imagine this is what it’s like in New York and Japan on the subways/trains as well haha.  I’m just thankful to say that I have double jointed shoulders, because I was holding onto a pole above my head and by the time we got to our destination it was definitely behind me, because of all the pushing.

So, we all went to Taco Bar for some food.  Which is a classier Taco Bell IMO.  Funny thing though, definitely more calories at Taco Bar than at Taco Bell I believe!  So, I got some yummy nachos and fanta. yumyum~  We talked a bit, and Kim is actually going to Maryland for Thanksgiving to visit his girlfriend.  See they can pull off the long distance thing well, and it’s so cute and I’m jealous, because I want to go home for Thanksgiving too. Rofl.

After that we went to the trains station again, because Kim and I had to get back to Uppsala.  We talked outside with Per and Suyin before our train left, which was probably a bad idea in the long run, because we ended up having to stand in the door-way between cars because there were no more seats on the train.  Which I also got completely OWNED by the guillotine-like door.  Some lady came through, looked me straight in the eyes, then pushed the “tryck” button.  Causing the door to violently slide open and knock me to the side, it felt like my elbow broke for a good 30 seconds.  It freaking hurt!  Then she just acted all apologetic and stuff.  Haha, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she thought that by pushing the button the door would open inwards and not slide to the side.  As there was no warning of this.  But, I bet she knew all along. 😦

Towards the end of the trip Kim and I managed to snag some seats after people left.  We talked a bit and eventually made it to Uppsala centralstation and went back home.  I missed the bus again though so I had to wait about 17 minutes for the next one, which was sad, but okay.

I don’t know why it feels extremely late.  It’s only 10:30 now, but it felt 10:30 when we were sitting at tacobar, and that was only 6:30 or something.  I bet it’s the darkness, tripping up my senses!

Today was my first trip to Stockholm.  I realize now that I should have gotten the card for 10 bus rides; because I may end up there more than I had originally intended.

Anyway, I had gotten up around 7:30 in the morning, plenty of time to get dressed, eat, head out to the bus stop, and make to to central station by 9.  However, I forgot to notice a tiny detail; that being it’s Sunday.  I went out to the bus stop and looked for when the next bus was coming.  I saw that it would be there in about 9 minutes (8:42am) which would still give me plenty of time to get to the Central Station.  Well, the 9 minutes went up and no bus came, so I went to look at the listings again and noticed I was looking at Monday-Friday; I thought it was a weekday.  So, I was late…which seems to be a trend for me here; because the bus wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 8:57.  So, I call Hannes and tell him and he says it’s okay because we already missed the other train and I dunno there was some drama at the train station; well okay. Good. I didn’t feel bad.  Well, this bus didn’t drop me off at the central station, so I asked some nice guy behind me who told me when to get off.  It was really nice, so yeah I made it to the station at around 9:10, met up with Mattia, Hannes, Jasmine, and Sacha…and we sat there because the next train to Stockholm wasn’t going to be coming until 10:09.

So, anyway.  We got to Stockholm and it was really nice.  I don’t think it was anything SPECTACULAR, but it was still nice; especially Gamla Stan, the old city.  We walked around quite a lot and it was funny seeing all the tourist traps with things in obnoxious yellow and blue for Sweden’s colors and shirts that say “I ❤ Sverige” or “I ❤ Stockholm”, you know; stuff you see in all major tourist cities.

Jasmine ended up leaving us to go get some sort of package from her friend, so the rest of us went to find some place to eat.  We came across a pizzeria.  It was really tasty, but I wasn’t expecting a whole pizza…just a slice perhaps.  So, yeah we all got whole pizza’s to eat, but they were super duper ultra thin.

After that we walked around some more and went on a little tour of the palace; which is extremely nice.  It was nice that we actually went on the tour instead of wandering around by ourselves, because I’m happy I got to learn a little about Sweden’s history in the process.

After that, Mattia and I decided we didn’t want to go to the concert that Hannes and Sascha were going to.  Mainly because we were tired (we had been walking around the city for 8 hours now, but had been up for about 10 already), we didn’t know the artist, and yeah.  So, we split up and several minutes later it occurs to me that I didn’t have my purse and that I left it in Hannes’ bookbag.  So I call him, and he doesn’t answer…so it’s no good but I luckily had my room key, my Visa, my phone, and my camera with me.  Just not…I don’t know super important things like I don’t know…my passport and my driver’s license.  Luckily, Mattia was able to get a hold of him a few minutes later. So, I’m really hoping that Hannes doesn’t lose his bookbag at this concert, because if he does…I’m more than a little screwed.

Mattia and I arrived at the central station and we got something to drink and on the shelf I saw a weight watcher’s yogurt drink-thing.  I was really amused by this, and it was 3 points!  Too much for a drink I’d say. :p So after we drank and talked a little we headed to the bus (charter buuus!!) which Mattia kindly paid for with his “ride for 10 times” card that he was smart enough to buy.  We talked a lot on the bus, and strangely enough it was a lot about band. Haha~  You see, Mattia also plays the clarinet. XD  He’s thinking of joining Norrlands’ band, which I admitted I was jealous about. Buuut, he also offered me his 2nd clarinet, that he would bring up from home when he heads back to Italy over Christmas break.  So, I can play again after 2 (almost 3) years of no music! I’m super excited actually. Haha~  I’m sure I’ll be HORRIBLE; but who cares, apparently he hasn’t played in a few years either.

So, yeah I got dropped off at Flogsta and headed back up to my building, luckily people were in the main living room so I rang the doorbell and Jesper let me in! <33 I heated up some of my leftover pasta, and now here I am!

I really hope the concert doesn’t last too long, because I have classes tomorrow and I really need my keys and stuff…so I’ll have to stay up until Hannes brings me my stuff. :<  I’m also debating on walking or taking the bus to class.  I could take the bus, but it comes like…an hour or something early.  I wish my bike was already made; because then this would be a no brainer.  Only one bus from Flogsta goes to the Engelska parken though, and there are only 4 or 5 times it comes a day, so that’s a bit troublesome for when the cold and such really comes.  Hopefully it won’t be a problem until say January, when I have a new set of classes…and hopefully the Flogsta bus will take me to those.